Alyssa Agostini - Figure Competitor, WBFF Pro

Alyssa: I am a Professional Fitness Model, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Kick boxer, Group Instructor, and fitness junkie!

My love for fitness began at a young age, participating in numerous sports. I am a natural athlete and have a competitive nature, so when I was introduced to the fitness industry in 2012, I knew this was where I wanted to be. I always envisioned a strong, feminine physique and decided to take my fitness goals to a higher level.

I decided to compete in June 2012 with the WBFF (World Beauty, Fitness and Fashion) Eastern Championship in Boston, MA, where I placed second in the Diva Fitness Model category. One year later, I competed in the same show, in June 2013, and placed 1st out of 35 women, and was awarded my WBFF Professional Athlete Status. After being awarded my Pro Status with the WBFF, I went on to compete in the WBFF World's in Las Vegas. I have since competed in two International, Professional Fitness Competitions in Las Vegas, NV with the WBFF.

I finally outgrew my Fitness Model category, and decided it was time to compete in the NPC. The goals and mission of the NPC and IFBB were exactly what I was looking for; they focus on structure, muscularity, conditioning and overall presence. I decided to compete on October 10, 2015 at the NPC East Coast Cup where I placed 7th in Figure Class A for Novice and Open. After getting feedback from the judges, I made changes and am gearing up for my next NPC show on November 14th in Boston, MA.

Fitness is my life. I live it and breathe it every day.

Diet and Training
Off-season I focus on muscular growth and conditioning, so I eat according to my goals. On-season I am more conscious of my macros and cutting out any additives. I don’t cheat during show prep since I find it better to stay on a clean eating plan, whereas off-season I do have cheat meals and enjoy my Italian foods (courtesy of my grandmother!).

I have done all different diets with success. The problem with dieting is that your body changes and what may have worked before, may not work now. That is why it is important to constantly change your diet, and training. I personally like carb cycling and my macros change based on the day.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not everyone reacts to the same diet. What works for me won’t always work for the next person. It is about learning your body and seeing what makes you feel the best and achieve the results you are looking for.

I had my fair share of terrible coaches who cut my calories, carbs and fats so low that it was unhealthy. Eventually your body stops losing weight because it thinks that you are starving (which I certainly was!). This can lead to a slow metabolism, and weight gain when you get back to normal caloric intake. That is similar to people that do ‘fad’ or ‘crash’ diets. I recently wrote an article on the dangers of this on my Tumblr >>.

I focus on strength, conditioning, endurance and flexibility. Off-season I focus on strength and conditioning to make muscular gains. Endurance and flexibility is important too. Closer to my shows I lose a lot of my strength, so I focus on endurance – using supersets to increase my heart rate.

Diet is 80% of the battle, while training is the fun part. Most people don’t realize you can’t out train a bad diet. Diet and meal preparation is huge.

On stage
I was always so shy, so getting out on stage was a huge step for me! I think that knowing how hard I worked and seeing my body transform gave me the confidence to get on stage.

I recently competed in the NPC in Connecticut. It was my first show with the NPC and doing Figure, so I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved the show! It ran smoothly, and everyone was so nice and helpful! It was different than anything I have experienced in the past. I liked knowing that my hard work, physique and stage presence was recognized.

I have one more show for the year and then I will focus on making changes and improvements for the next year. I compete on November 14th! Follow my progress on my social media accounts!

The rest of this year will be focusing on my training, as well as training my clients – helping them reach their goals.

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Alyssa Agostini

Alyssa Agostini