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My name is Alix and I have been a qualified Personal Trainer coming up to three years. Fitness and sport have always been a huge part of my life, as a child I played in most of the sports teams in school, ran hurdles for Devon and was a champion dancer competing on stage all over the south of England. I love to dance and as a teanager that is all I wanted to do. I studied dance at GCSE level, NVQ level at college and BA Hons Degree level at university.

When I had completed university and returned to my home I was very sad and unwell. I had started to form a terrible relationship with food, was stressed and was having anxiety problems. I was not dancing or doing anything for that matter. I hit a real low and lost a lot of weight from not eating.This was not me and I started to think “this in enough, this stops right here, it's time to be happy and healthy again.” I was just under 6 stone when I decided to make a change.

A huge push was falling in love with my partner Luke. He helped me a lot with feeling better about myself and made me happy, and the happier I was, the more food I managed to eat.

My best friend of 12 years Rio was also amazing. He made me start going to the gym and getting me active again. I was training 5 days a week, my relationship with food was better and after a few months, spending time with friends and family and working on me, I was happier and heavier.

The gym was my Mecca and I wanted to help others like myself fall in love with the gym, training and keeping healthy. This is when I decided to go for it and study to be a Personal Trainer. While on my intensive course, I learnt so much about my diet. I trained hard and I was falling in love with the effect this was having on my body and my mind, I was so much more confident. This was when I decided I was going to compete.

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Training and diet

My training during off peak season is set as 5 days a week with heavy weights.
My week looks like this-
Monday - chest & tri’s (3sets 10-12reps)
Tuesday - back & bi’s (3sets 10-12reps)
Wednesday - Shoulders (3sets 10-12reps)
Thursday - Legs (3sets 10-12reps)
Friday - Core (3sets 10-12reps)
If my training is getting a little dull I vary my exercises and throw in a few supersets, drop sets or pyramid sets each day.

My diet through off peak is generally eating to gain weight and muscle so constantly bulking. I have struggled with weight gain for a long time, I am very lean having a low body fat percentage off peak. This I now think is a blessing in disguise, as I don't eat unhealthy, I use my food to build muscle without gaining much body fat. My method throughout off peak is eat 4 clean meals a day for 6 days. Full of protein, veg and mix of high and low GI carbs with healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts throughout the day with my 7th day being my day to cheat eat.
Supplement I use off season is mass gainer protein powder and I drink that with milk and creatine.

My training during season time changes to focus on areas I feel need the most attention before show day. The weights are now as heavy as I can go, with all sessions pushing to failure. Training is still 5 days a week with different training pattern.
Monday - chest (5sets 6/8reps)
Tuesday - arms (4sets 10/12reps)
Wednesday - legs (5sets 6/8reps)
Thursday - glutes (3sets 10/12reps)
Friday - shoulders (5sets 6/8reps)
Every day is full of supersets, drop sets, pyramids and negatives to push my muscles to the limit and get that final growth.

My diet through prep time doesn't really change as much as other competitors I know. As I said i never have trouble with putting on body fat I am lean all year round. So what I do is bulk till the final month still eating a large amount of carbs and then cut my carbs for the final 4 weeks to ensure I'm ultra lean. No cheat days from here.
Supplements I use are whey protein with water, BCAA’s, and CLA’s.

On stage

I love to perform but hadn't in such a long time. I was nervous and excited. I practiced my walk and poses everyday to make sure I was really ready. Any advice I would give to anyone wanting to compete is practice practice practice.

On the day, in that moment the adrenaline is incredible and it seems to be all over so quick. My favourite part of the show was my individual T walk, I felt so confident and relaxed up there, I knew this was something I was going to do for a long time. The experience off stage on the day is just as rewarding, the team at Ultimate physiques were so supportive to all of the athletes. The athletes competing were so nice and supportive to each other too.

In the South West heats placed 1st in Bikini Fitness under 163cm, 2nd place Fitness model and an award for best theme.

In the finals I managed to place 5th in Bikini Fitness, I felt so happy with my progress and the results. My Mum and Dad were the loudest people at both shows they are my biggest fans. I am blessed to have such great support and love. Such an amazing experience and gives me focus and determination. I cannot wait to do it all over again.

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