Alicia Simpson - Bikini Competitor

I have been into fitness for about 6 years now. Each year has gotten more and more serious for me. About 5 years ago I decided to start running marathons and have done several in my home town, improving my times each year. I have also traveled to China to run the Great Wall marathon. Last summer, a friend told me I look good and could compete in the Iron Ore Classic (a competition in my town). So, I figured why not! I hired a trainer within that same week and got started right away for training for my first show! I loved it so much and did so well, I am into Provincials this summer!

Diet: Pre-contest is very very strict. No junk foods whatsoever and I grew to really like mustard for flavourings! Mainly meat, veggies, yams, eggs and rice. Since the Iron Ore was my first and only show so far, I don't have a lot of experience. But, after the show, I was told to slowly increase my calories and start adding carbs back in. I had a really good experience with the pre-contest and off season diets my first time around. I really enjoyed the structure it gave my life.

Failed diet: I have only done one show so I don't have a lot of experience. But, what I can say is going really high protein does tend to give me some digestive issues! I have more so done this in the off season with trying to maintain and gain muscle. I find that just cutting out a bit of the protein tends to bring things back to normal without compromising my gains much. So, going super high protein probably isn't entirely necessary. But, we learn as we go! And we find what works best for us :)

Building self-confidence to compete: That part was really tough! I have always been shy and never did like public speaking (ie. giving speeches in English class in high school!). But, this was something I really wanted to do for myself. I wanted to know how brave I could be. To me, after doing the training and seeing how far I had come, once I was on stage, there was no going back! I was going through with it! It was the most nerve wracking but the most exhilarating thing all at the same time!

Training: My trainer helped me so much with all of this. She had me doing early morning fasted cardio (basically running sprints on an empty stomach) and then she had a weight training program all outlined for me to help me hit all the areas I needed to work on. She also had the meal plan all set up for me, as well. I was eating every 2-3 hours. Which was good, I never really felt hungry. And if I was hungry, I could just eat more veggies.

Recent show: It was a wonderful experience! Everyone I met at the show was amazing! I even got a pep talk from one of the judges at registration the day before. All the other girls back stage were really nice. We talked about how nervous we were, and it really made me feel better that I wasn't the only one! I would do it all over again.

Future plans: Going on to Provincials!


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