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The beginning: It's actually a funny story. My former roommate and I were actually just trying to lose weight at first. I met a friend who competed and she told me she loved it and that I should try to prep for a show. My former roommate and I did so much research and decided to sign up for our first competition being around 18 weeks out! ..Well, now we can't back out, we thought. We started our prep living together so we had each other to keep ourselves motivated. It wasn't until our lease was up and I moved into my sorority when things became a little harder!

Coming out from a show I reverse diet back up and then tend to follow a more "intuitive eating" diet. I still eat healthy, but eat when I am hungry rather than by schedule. I think mentally and physically you need time to get out of meticulously tracking your food. For pre-contest I start out by tracking again. Finding out where I'm at then decreasing from there. Carb cycling worked well for me. Due to stomach issues I tend to eat fairly low in fats and higher in carbs. I am a firm believer that nutrition/results varies greatly per person. What works for me might not work for you.

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Before I really understood bodybuilding I always tried these crazy diets. At one time I was eating around 900 calories a day and working out twice a day for most days of the week. Funny thing is that I weighed more than than I do now! Also, I had never focused on macros so I was never getting enough protein. It's all about learning about how to fuel your body effectively.

I love working out so this is the easiest part of competing for me. For lifting I tend to break it up by muscle group (shoulders, legs, back, etc) and will normally lift 5-6 days a week. As for cardio, I do that around 2-3 times a week. I like to do things like outdoor running, stairclimbing or even taking a boxing class. I love doing active things so even on vacation I'll find unique ways to do cardio like paddle boarding or kayaking! I also try to incorporate yoga into each week. I really think it helps mentally and physically. Diet goes hand in hand. In the off-season since I'm eating more I don't discourage myself from doing extra workouts or activities. If I have the energy I go for it!

Building self-confidence: Practice. I am a fairly confident person, but walking on stage in a little bikini was something I never thought I'd do. I practiced with my friends and also had my family watch my posing routines. I'm a former dancer so being on stage wasn't what scared was making sure I didn't trip in my heels!

For the most part, my last show ran fairly smoothly. Since my roommate and I are around the same height we were even in the same bikini class. Having her with me through each part of the competition was really reassuring. Even on stage we had each other's backs! Pre-judging was definitely scarier for us since it was our first time on stage. However, by finals we were so pumped to get back up there our gain in confidence definitely showed that second time around!

I plan to compete again soon. I really want to take some time to build up my shoulders and glutes. I am also a recent college graduate so I'm taking time to investigate career opportunities while maintaining my fitness goals!

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