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Alli: I decided to start competing after going to my first bodybuilding show in October of 2012. I was super inspired and motivated after seeing everyone’s hard work! I said, “I could do that”, and began my prep that coming January for my first bikini competition. And after that, I fell in love with it! It’s been a passion of mine ever since.

Diet and Training
I work with a coach and he works out all of my diets, I just follow the plan. But during my off season we make sure do to a full reverse diet so my body doesn’t experience shock. I did that after my first show when I wasn’t working with anyone and didn’t know the severity of shock your body can go through after dieting for so long. This last off season I kept up with a pretty good diet during my off season but allowed myself to cheat more than usual too so that I didn’t have to be held back from any of the foods I love. I took it easy from going back to the gym right away and probably took a good month off from the gym to let my body recover. That was probably one of the smartest things I could do because after that, I came back stronger and healthier. I continue with similar amounts of protein, veggies, carbs, etc. But like I mentioned earlier, I allow myself the wiggle room to splurge on tasty foods if I want. I stayed about 5-10 lbs above stage weight this off season.

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Alli Mathys. Coach: Jose Mendieta

Last year my coach tried a carb load the week of my show…I have never done that when prepping myself, I just keep things going the same. I knew that was what worked for me. And the carb load back fired…My body was holding a ton of water and I ended up spilling over on show day. I was extremely disappointed because I worked so hard for that day and to have it all get messed up because of that is very upsetting. So now we know going into peak week for shows, we do not need to change a thing. But everyone is different, and sometimes carb loaded is exactly what that athletes body needs. I am just different.

I’ve recently decided to move up to figure so everything changed a bit. My work outs are more intense, I am eating a bit more than I would for a bikini prep, and my cardio stays about the same. I do AM cardio for about 45 mins every day, then go to work for 8 hours…after work I hit up the gym for my lift for about 1-1.5 hours. After my work out is complete, I do another set of cardio for 25 mins. And in between all of that, I have to find time or make time to get in my meals. It can be challenging with work and other things going on, but my body needs the food and the energy, so I need to make time to fit it in.

On Stage
Building self-confidence to compete: Honestly, it all came from the love of the sport and knowing how hard I worked to get there. Mine as well show it off! I am a very shy person and in school I never liked going up in front of the class or giving speeches. It’s actually one of my worst fears. Or was…So the thought of getting up on stage in front of thousands of people scared the crap out of me! But come show day, I just did it. And now, of course I get nervous before, but I know I worked so hard to get there and I deserve to be there.

The last show I did was Junior Nationals last June. The show is fun, but everything is very political, so it can be overwhelming in a way. Everyone works just as hard to be there, so I feel everyone should deserve just as much of an opportunity…but it doesn’t always work that way. You get barely any time on stage unless you are part of the top 5 athletes. So all your hard work is judged in a matter of seconds. At the end of the day, I had a BLAST with my teammates and coach and made it a memorable weekend!

I plan to compete in 4 weeks at a local show Fox Cities Showdown in my first competition as a Figure athlete! After that, I really don’t know. It all depends on how I do and where figure leads me!

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