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I have been a lifelong rower and in 2017 started competing in bikini body building as well. Keeping up with the two sports became impossible due to multiple rowing injuries. In 2018, I decided to focus my energy on body building.

My diet off season is higher in caloric content and higher fat and carbs. I donít really have strong cravings any more and my weekly cheat meal allows me to address any left at that time. I eat six small meals a day. I believe that everybody responds differently to different food plans. So, I have experimented to find out what foods work well with me and which ones cause inflammation, bloating etc. For me, the simpler the food the better. I lift heavy and do cardio 6 days a week. However, cardio volume is low at a beginning of prep and more steady state. My diet is generous enough that I always have plenty of energy in the gym.

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Honestly, with each competition I became more and more relaxed and became more comfortable on the stage. I also chat with other competitors a lot which relaxes me backstage.

NPC Universe was my most recent show where I won my pro card. It was an extremely well-run event and all of the expeditors were lovely even after having such long days of work. The judging panel was efficient and wonderful. I especially enjoyed competing in the overall posedown; something that is new to me and a point I need to improve.

Being an athlete improves my family life as it requires me to be highly organized. It also helps me stay calmer in the chaos of life-I have learned to master my mind and emotions and not let them interfere with my goals and my family time.

I plan to compete in my pro debut towards the end of 2018 as well as compete in other athletic competitions. I also hope to start a foundation and business for womenís health.


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