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I started to compete 5 years ago to try to push my body's limits and derive some satisfaction from life. I was fatty, after I have had anorexia problem. Fitness has saved my life.

My diet plan is not very different because I donít like to put more fat on my body and remove it with hard cardio sessions or strict meal plans. I usually grow up my plans with more carbs or fats, and stay 4 kilos or less from contest weight. It is important to maintain good condition every day for shooting or different sponsored events. I have tried paleogenic, Mediterranean and ketogenic, my body responds well to normal diet. I don't remove any food, nothing changes. Only control carbs no too much up and the same for fats.

Every day I work hard on my mind for this. Your mind is your biggest competitor. So I train and learn every day. Iím not a lion but I work to become one. Work hard for this.

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I do cardio every day for two important things:
First one: for the most important muscle on our body: heart. Heart is important, is the machine of our body.
Second one: To have more calories on my plan. Why do people remove food and no made cardio? It's stupid! More food= more energy, cardio is good friend especially in off season. After cardio I make 5 trains a weeks. I work every part of body. My coach decides which one to work more based on period and we do.

My last contest was important. San Marino Pro IFBB Pro League Contest and the Key of my Pro Card. I have no words for describe it. I have too many emotions inside me. Because stage moments are fast, only 5 mins to present your work and body to judges but the time before - tanning, pre pump, meals, posing, was indescribable. I can only tell you it is my life and when I think about it my heart start to pump more and more! Real love.

Being an athlete in real life unfortunately is not simple because not all people understand our lifestyle. We need to go to bed early, wake up early, eat different foods like ďnormalĒ people. It's difficult but not impossible! People who really love you, will try to understand and follow you.

Soon my pro debut is Galaxy Pro Bari. My first one pro debut. Only 10 days. And Iím very excited. After it I have 3 shows in June. Step by step we plan our stress with my coach and go.

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I have my team of bikini: Team Alessia. I provide posing coaching, trainings and meals plan. I love my job and my lifestyle and my big dream is Olympia Stage one day.

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