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My name is Alesia Payne, I am the mother of 4 kids and Iíve always been very athletic and active since my child hood. Through grade school I was a cheerleader, played basketball and was on the ďJamin JumpersĒ Jump Rope Team. In middle school my sports consisted of volleyball and basketball. In addition dancing has always been something that I love to do. Now after middle school I stopped playing sports due to having my first child at a young age. My focus turned to raising my daughter and working. My spark for fitness didnít return until years later after I had my 4th child at the age of 24.

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Iíd lost control of my weight and was at 170 pounds after my son was born. At that point I know something in my life needed to change. However it wasnít until me and my family were stationed overseas at Andersen Air Force Base Guam that my love for fitness truly returned. I became a stay at home mom and decided to dedicate myself to getting back in shape. After a year of going to the gym daily I know that competing was something I wanted to do. My husband had started to notice how my physique was changing and he had competed once before. So he told me that I had the potential to really take my physique to the next level if I became more focused on my training. His words sparked a fire in me that provided the drive Iíd been lacking to truly transform myself. From there I focused more on toning up my overall physique and started doing research on figure competitors, the stage look and dieting. And after our relocation back state side it was time to make my dream of competing into reality. So in 2016 that is exactly what I did.

Diet: Honestly I would have to say that in the off season my focus is on increasing the overall size of my physique. Thus, I tend to eat more in order to fuel muscle growth. My carb intake tends to increase and my overall caloric intake is much higher since Iím training with a greater intensity. However ensuring that my macros are still spot on is critical in order for me to gain the amount of muscle mass that I desire for the upcoming season. Now as the time starts to dwindle down and you get closer to your show your overall caloric intake will start to decrease anywhere from 16/12 weeks out depending on how you look. At that time I tend to cut down on my carb intake, ensure that my protein intake is spot on with every meal, and my cardio sessions will increase. Lastly, drinking 1 gallon of water every day is incorporated with my off season and on season diet.

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Sample meal plan pre contest diet: Meal 1: 2 egg whites 2oz turkey 1/3 cup oatmeal. Meal 2: Whey protein post workout. Meal 3: 4oz. Tilapia, 1/3 cup brown rice with greens. Meal 4: 4oz chicken breast, 1/3 cup of brown or jasmine rice. Meal 5: 4oz ground turkey and greens. Meal 6: fish and spinach. When it comes to seasoning my food I always use Mrs. Dash. I personally enjoy the variety of flavors and it helps me to spice up my food without the extra added sodium. Now with losing weight or cutting for a show cardio has been a major focus with me when it comes to the leaning down process. Therefore my cardio sessions will either incorporate the treadmill, elliptical, or bike as these are my preferred as it works for me. And running is something that I do in order to lean out my legs. As far as your diet and training go you will see changes if you stay consistent with it.

Strength training is something that I do 6 days/week, cardio 5 days/week. I train legs twice a week. Monday: Hamstrings/Glutes/Calfís/cardio, Tuesday: Shoulders/tri/ abs and cardio, Wednesday: Back/Biceps/ cardio and abs, Thursday: Quads/calfís and cardio Friday: Chest, Biceps, Triís, abs and cardio. Saturday: Shoulders/ forearms touch ups Sunday: is my off day. With my cardio sessions I do like to mix things up so that Iím not getting bored with my routines. So running, HIIT, Incline training are all included in my cardio sessions. My cardio sessions are typically done separately from my strength training sessions usually first thing in the morning in a fasted stated. I have found that this method for me boost my energy levels throughout the day and I know that Iím kick starting my day off right.

Balancing my diet with my training sessions was something that I really had to learn how to do. When I first started. My timing was typically off and I felt overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all my meals. However as time went on It became easier as I started keeping a journal and tracking what time I needed to get up in order to get my cardio session in and first meal. Upon establishing what time my first meal would need to be consumed things shifted in my life when it came to keeping up with my meal timing and training sessions. And now I do it on a daily basis without skipping a beat. In addition you must possess the drive and dedication to want to achieve your goals or it wonít happen. Remember the body you desire starts in the kitchen, clean eating must be at the center of your life if you want to see physical changes in your physique that you desire.

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I was able to build my confidence to strut my physique on stage because my family and friends were first and foremost very supportive of me following my dreams of becoming a figure competitor. Secondly consistency with my workouts and diet played a major role with my confidence building. I will say that the journey has been long and it took a lot of patience and perseverance on my behalf to get to this point! After having 4 kids and gaining an extensive amount of body fat I was depressed and felt defeated. My confidence was very low prior to starting on the path of clean eating and a focused workout plan. However once I got dedicated to my goals my self-confidence began to grow and I know that stepping on that stage was not just about me, but for every women out there that has kids and felt like they couldnít do this. I wanted to be that women to show them and tell them that they can do this despite the number of kids they have itís all about building up the confidence within yourself. So for me this is just the start!

My most memorable experience was my first show in July of 2016 the Flex Lewis Classis in Nashville. I placed first in my class and first overall for my division. From athlete check in to pre judging to finals it was an experience that I will never forget. I can recall standing in line for check ins for a little over an hour and I was far from being calm, cool, or collective. In fact I was very nervous about what pre judging was going to be like. Once inside for check ins the process took less than 20 minutes to complete and I truly enjoyed my bag of goodies! The pre judging portion of the show went by quicker than I had imagined. Everyone looked amazing in their suits and I felt right at home being around so many fit people. Walking on that stage for the first time sparked this truly insane fire in me. I loved being in front of the judges, I loved putting on the make-up and suit, and the most rewarding part was that I had built up the self-confidence to stand on stage and strut my stuff!
However letís not dismiss the fact that the posing and smiling can get a little tough when you are on center stage for a while, but it was all worth it. Iíd have to say that the time spent waiting in between pre judging and finals was the most nerve racking. Not knowing how well I did against the other competitors was on the forefront of my mind the entire time. The carb and water depletion started to really set in before finals so staying focused is a must for both the beginner and the experienced competitor. Going into finals was an experience of its own, getting to see all of the Pros and knowing that my goal is to go pro made it more worthwhile to be there. And stepping on stage for finals I got to see an auditorium full of family, and friends that showed their support for me as well as others. And lastly I was happy with taking home 1st place in my first show.

Currently Iím in contest prep mode training for my next show which will be held in Florida in May. I have such amazing team that supporting me so Iím defiantly looking forward to what this year has to offer.

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