Aja'Nel Williams - IFBB Figure Pro

2019 NPC USA Figure Overall Winner

I started competing in 2016 and I was actively trying to lose weight for my job in the Marine Corps. Lifting weights, I loved the positive changes in my body and decided to hire my first coach to get to the next level. My first show I placed 3rd at Leigh valley championships in Allentown Pennsylvania and decided to take some time off. I didnít compete again until 2018 at the San Diego border states championships, I placed first missing the overall title by one point. Shortly after that show I competed at the USA championships taking the overall title as Miss figure USA and my IFBB pro card. One week later I made my pro debut competing in the Tampa pro show placing 6th.

Aja'Nel Williams

My improvement season nutrition is very similar to my prep nutrition but larger quantities of food and more freedom of variety. We like everything plain in prep and in the improvement season thatís not the case. My metabolism improves each prep so the foods are adjusted to that depending on where I sit when itís time to pick a show.

Iíve had a long journey as far as weight loss and before educating myself and receiving formal coaching I have tried almost every diet there is and had to fix a lot of disorders in my thought process. From not eating at all to water only diets, Keto, no carb, high protein, detoxes etc. you name it, if it was marketed for weight loss I was willing to give it a try. The only thing that truly works as being sustainable and still getting me where I need to be is a healthy balance. My coach (Nikki Sims) doesnít do any extreme measures when preparing me for shows and my body and mind respond really well allowing me to sustain for long periods of time. My training program is comprised of resistance training with the step-mill for my cardio.

The confidence I received from competing comes with just loving myself and loving the process of evolving. So many women spend time hating their bodies in the current state but once I learned I have the ability to transform my physique into whatever I want I started to love and appreciate myself at each stage of my journey.

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The lifestyle that I live is just that. Itís my life. I donít see it as a diet and I donít see it as a means to an end. Training and nutrition are a part of my life. I center my priorities for the day and make eating and training a part of that. Being a full time active duty Marine causes me to have to prepare and be flexible and there are obstacles but I typically have no issues if I use My time wisely. I donít know what the future holds for me in this sport but I am just getting started and I plan to go to the Olympia one day. Right now Iím enjoying the journey and enjoying helping women find the same confidence that I did by transforming their bodies.

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