Agota Colnar - Figure Competitor

I started to compete in 2013. Previously I tried my luck in many sports including swimming, tennis, basketball or even belly-dancing, but somehow I felt I want something different... I have always been slim but I was fed up with folks who said "oh you are pretty, whatever you do doesn't matter, it's all about genetics"... That time I started to admire female muscles, healthy tones and curves and decided I wanna look like those girls on the cover of fitness magazines. I knew it will take time ,quite long time, but if I make up my mind being an ironside no one can ever stop me...

It became a lifestyle for me, I attended personal trainer courses and started to eat consciously to build up lean quality mass as far as it's possible. Even in off-season I try to keep myself lean. Well, originally my body fat is quite low so other people always ask me why do I torture myself when it's not needed...I never consider eating healthy would be a torture, that's a part of me, my lifestyle. I don't like fat, neither sugar; in off-season I'm on low carbs, carbs consist of self-made wholegrain bread, wholegrain durum pastas or brown rice. I don't really like fruit, maybe sometimes green apples or raisins mixed with ricotta, instead, most of the time I eat tons of vegetables, rather green coloured vegetables.

I try to take as much protein as I can, chicken breast, sometimes crabs or tuna, but my favourite meat is beef that gives me extra power. Ricotta and eggs play quite a dominant role in my nutrition plan. Not a single day passes without consuming them. Well when I'm off season, on the weekends I regularly hold a cheat day, when I allow myself some chocolate or bakery, what I desire that time (always different: I'm very strict when it comes to competition diet, when I was preparing for the world championship I ate only a few things which are the following: rice cake, tuna, fish, chicken breast, egg whites, green vegetables- that was all for 10-12 weeks!! much glutamine, much BCAA, whey protein shakes (excluding last 2 weeks) chromium picolinate - no fat burner needed, I personally don't believe in them..I started the amount of carbs from 150 g a day then I realized it was too much for me so I reduced it to 80 g till the last days, was no need for zero carbs. Keeping the carbs low is way better for me than wobbling the amounts- the reason for that maybe is that I'm on low carbs also in off season.

Most of the time I train with heavy weights even during contest prep period, trying to keep them as much as it's possible. It's important not to loose the tone. Once I tried reducing the weights and doing high reps but in the end I was kinda flat, lean but the muscles were not so curvy. It's very important if you worked hard to gain that muscles, you had better try not to loose them. My cardio is also moderate, I don't have to make huge efforts or much empty stomach trainings, partly because I keep my shape in off season, and I don't wanna risk losing quality mass.

I didn't feel weird when I first hit the stage. I got used to it, I used to be a fashion and photomodel before. I love the attention I get from my audience and I like to entertain. I am enjoying my presentation, the feeling when I hear the speaker calling my name just before going on stage makes me shiver. There is no point in this if you feel uncomfortable since the judges will realize it straight away. To my view, let's make a show, but never be "too much" - that will bring success.

I love to recollect memories of winning the INBA world championship this summer. Nothing compares to the feeling when you stand alone on stage and the national anthem is played just for you...It was one of the most touching experiences of my life so far and I will try my utmost to achieve my goals such as doing well on the Natural Olympia as well.


2013 spring season:
- IFBB International Austria Cup V.
- Fitweekend Hungarian and International Cup II.
- IFBB Hungarian Championship qualifier "Gold" state
- IFBB Hungarian Cup , qualifier for world championship I.
2014 spring season:
- IFBB International Austria Cup II.
- Bodysport International Talent Scout Cup III.
2015 autumn:
- Dunakanyar Cup 4.
2016 spring:
- INBA Grand Prix National and International Championship Sportmodel I.
- INBA Grand Prix National and International Championship Miss Figure II.
- INBA World Championship Sportmodel I.
- INBA World Championship Miss Figure IV.


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