Agnese Russo - IFBB Pro Figure - Update

July 2016

As always I love the atmosphere that I find at the pro shows here in US and especially this last show in Chicago is in my heart, is the 3rd year that I do it, and if will be possible I'll do it again. I feel home. I did set a goal for this show reached only in part, that it was to bring more fullness on stage compared to the 2 shows did few weeks ago, unfortunately I was too tired and stressed from delayed flights, jet lag and so on and the carb load made his effects too late, when prejudge was already done, is part of the game, every athlete knows this kind of struggles.

My diet consists in small meals, 6 or 7 per days, with about 30 gr of carbs and 20 of proteins basically, that can change a bit week by week, and fat changes too during the different steps of the prep, starting high, then going very low in the cutting phase and moderate when the body fat is the right needed for shows. My Workout routine is fasted cardio early morning and Weight lift early afternoon. Also this change during the different stages if the prep and based on the body answers, in this moment i.e. I did stop cardio cause my body was going in a catabolic state.

Challenges are always the same, set some goals and do your best in the smartest way possible to reach them, if something doesn't work try something else, till you don't find your way.

My next shows are in Vancouver this incoming week end and then in Culver City at the end of the month. After this I'll probably stop with shows and work on some other improvements for the post Olympia season.

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