Adrien Whitmore - Physique Competitor

I started competing in April 2017. I had always toyed with the idea and had looked at doing several different shows, finally I got tired of thinking about it and just went for it! I was definitely pushed to do by family and friends and Iím so grateful for that extra encouragement.

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Diet: During my offseason, I still follow a cut/bulk cycle. I generally donít spend more than 8 weeks bulking or cutting, and also spend some time in maintenance. Iím a firm believer in an epic weekly cheat meal! When it comes to building muscle and making progress in the gym, adequate carbs and protein are absolutely essential. I generally am eating around 2,000 cal/day while bulking, with the majority of my calories coming from carbs and protein and about 20% from fat. When Iím in show prep, I gradually decrease calories, keeping protein high and decreasing my carbs as the show date approaches. Iím still working out the kinks of my peak week.
Before my last two shows, I made the mistake of not re-introducing carbs soon enough and my muscles were rather flat. I also know that I need to start my prep sooner to get shredded enough for stage.

Diet and training are equally important in my mind. If you donít have both components, you simply arenít going to see the results that you want. My main priority is lifting weights. I go through phases of training where I emphasize either hypertrophy or strength so that I donít plateau. I donít do very much cardio, during prep I do a little bit of HIIT and some occasional steady state.

Iím naturally a confident person and enjoy being on stage! Iím happiest when Iím hitting my poses and flashing a smile at the judges. I didnít think that would be the case though - before my first show I was incredibly nervous! I just kept telling myself that my physique was a reflection of my hard work and I had no reason to be nervous. Another thing that helped my confidence was posing practice in the gym with other people around watching, as well as doing photo shoots.

I always have so much fun during the whole process!! I love the spray tan, the hair and make-up, all of it. Seeing everything come together is just so beautiful and satisfying. I love meeting people and hearing about their experiences, how theyíve accomplished their goals and what competing means to them. My absolute FAVORITE thing though - the chocolate chip cookies backstage!!

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Being an athlete has had a ripple effect into everything in my lifeÖ The dedication, consistency, and passion that fuels my training has shaped my approach to life. Iíve seen myself accomplish things that I never thought were possible just by showing up, putting in the work, and never quitting. So Iíve learned not to put limits on the things I want to accomplish. Iíve also discovered that I get just as much joy and satisfaction from seeing other people reach their goals, and itís truly an honor that I get to help others find their own inner strength and confidence through training.

Future plans: The sky is the limit! I want my pro card in Womenís physique and Iím launching my own personal training business. Someday I would like to own a private studio near the beach where I can train with passionate people like myself.


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