Adrianne Ring - Figure Competitor

I started competing as a part of the Camp Pendleton Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Team in 2011 while serving active duty.

My diet doesn't change too terribly much. I maintain my diet year round for chronic pain and health purposes. Just a little more carbs and fats in the off season. And I have more meals out of course. As far as protein sources go, I eat fish, turkey and eggs precontest and eggs, lamb, bison, venison, turkey, fish off season. Always lots of green veggies and bone broth, some potato, rice, almonds, and walnuts.

My precontest days are roughly 140g pro, 80g carb, 30g fat.
Off season is roughly 150g pro, 100g carb, 50g fat.

I had 1 coach many years ago put me on a lot of carbs. Bread and pasta, gummy bears?!... I had so much unmanaged chronic pain. I was very unhappy. I manage my chronic pain through a low carb diet.

I vary my training quite a bit. I follow a tactical athlete program roughly. I have 2 functional days, 2 strength days and 1 or 2 asthetic days. I do cardio (varied intensities and modalities) daily and practice yoga as needed (almost daily). I eat generally the same diet throughout the week and make tiny adjustments if needed. (I.e. 1 extra serving carbs, 1 less fats, switch from green beans to asparagus).

I had a great coach in the beginning, Sabrina Taylor, IFBB Pro she taught me how to pose and be confident in many aspects of my life, not just the stage. We are still close friends.

The INBF is incredible. The best show I have ever done. From check-in to the stage they took care of us every step of the way. The athletes were so positive and genuine. I felt at home.

Future plans: Pursuit my WNBF pro card and compete as a professional. Continue to be an advocate for natural athletes. Promote whole wellness and become a spokesmodel for a company who has similar aspirations as me. Keep helping people and animals be happy and healthy through my skills and knowledge.

Instagram: @adrianne.ring

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