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Adela: I went to a school focused on sports, where I did light athletics for seven years. Since I followed fitness and body-fitness from very early on in life, Iíve soon decided to try it out it myself. First I found myself a coach who decided to let me go into my first competitions quite soon after. I really started liking it right away. Soon enough, I got into the Slovak national team in two and half years from that point I went into the World Championship in Kiev and won the Junior Worlds. Ever since then, I became hooked and never let go.

I try my best to eat healthy all throughout the year regardless of whether Iím off-season or prepping for a contest. I start reducing my carb intake a couple months before the event, but I also try to adjust my diet a lot depending on my current form. As the competition approaches, I am usually trying to be quite strict with the diet, but I am just a human too. Especially if Iím off-season, I canít resist here and there and treat myself a little Ė especially during the Christmas season.

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When on diet, I stick to a two-phase training almost every day. It consists of cardio exercise followed by weight training. Naturally, the closer the competition gets, the more intensive is the routine. First day I do biceps, triceps and abs. Second day is legs; third is back and back of shoulders. Fourth day I would usually do shoulders and chest. I rotate this training schedule and add some cardio -- most of the time I go running.

Everything, including my stage self-confidence, has really been developing gradually: one competition after another, Iíve become more secure and self-confident in my performance and really started enjoying every time I walk up the stage.

Until fairly recently, I have competed in amateur competitions and gained IFBB PRO card just last year. PRO competitions are different from the amateur ones. I really had to start from the scratch there and adjust to the American trend because the girls are expected to look quite differently from what I was used to. I really did not know what to expect from my first Body Power Pro competition in England. Thatís why I was even more surprised when I won it facing a tough competition of PRO-experienced girls and qualified for the IFBB Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas. That was really my dream come true. At the end of the 2015, I also participated at a PRO competition in San Marino where I won again and qualified for the Olympia Weekend 2016. Iím very excited about what the next year will bring.

Iím currently recovering from a hernia procedure but Iím looking forward to getting back to prepping for the upcoming Olympia in full force very soon. You can download my photos from my webpage Ė my PRO card is on it as well.

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