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My name is Adebola. I am from France born and raised in Paris originally from Nigeria and I have been living in Dubai for the past 7 years. Everytimes there are food and drinks involved as a Flight Attendant traveling eating new food from all around the world with jet lag, stress and so on my body just couldn't take it anymore always tired, feel bloated, stress not eating at regular time all this took a toll on me so 3 years ago; I decided that was enough.

Getting a lean shape or preparing for competition takes hard work; it is one things in life that you have to work at day in and day out because it doesn't come easy, you need to get out of your comfort zone, be consistent and sacrifice, there is no magic here.

In August 2015 I won my Pro Card Status at the WBFF World Championships in Las Vegas, I placed 2nd in Master and 2nd in Overall Figure Diva. I went into the show knowing that I put forth everything I could. I never skipped out on a cardio session or missed a meal. It was challenging for me with my work as a Flight attendant but I was confident with the way my body had shaped up during the last year and was pleased with my suits and routine. I felt like everything came together at the right time. I was confident and hoped to win, but to win two prizes at the World show was a dream come true. I was completely overwhelmed and excited!

Diet and Training
I use fast with medium quantity from Avocados, nuts, colza oil and from eggs yolk and the rest also from my food like chicken, some fish and red meat I used also on the side my supplements Omega 3.

Off season I eat more carbohydrate to have more energy during my training and endurance to develop my muscles mass so to fuel my body I increase my carbohydrate intake in all my meals. My carbohydrate I take it from Basmati rice, Potatoes. After my training for example to put my insulin level back up I eat sweet potatoes with my meal, I use also some fruits, apple sauce with no sugar added, I also use cereals such as Oat, and Oat Millet with no gluten which I used to do my pancake for my Breakfast this is for off season.

For the carbohydrate I used the same approach as my off season but with lower quantity following which muscular group I am going to train and my muscular quality. Some days I'll be high carbs to boost my metabolism. I used the same approach as off season but I reduce the quantity depending of which muscles I am training and the quality of my muscles.

The diet that has failed for me is a diet with no carbohydrate so I was doing low carbs diet some time even no carbs at all and my proteins and fats were low, so I lost my muscles mass, my muscles were soft, no firm at all no definition compared to my metabolism and for my energy level, so no carbs is not for me. I can't afford today to do this mistake. I find out with appropriate arrangement with carbs, I am cutting even better my muscles have a better quality and more firm and I am more in shape with this diet plan. It didn't work for me because my body can't work correctly with zero carbs my metabolism burn a lot and fast because of my intense training and my lifestyle. If I don't have a constant intake from carbs, my body will take energy from my muscle this is what happened to me in the past because I was not given enough fuel to my body to work.

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My weight training program consisted of training heavy to increase my muscles mass and I consumed more carbs, medium fats and correct proteins intake if I eat too much proteins I'll store fats very quickly, and I don't want to. I use carbs with quantity needed for me to be able to generate enough energy and to recover accordingly also for my muscles to grow on every training. So I plan my off season training with four heavy training per week.

When I train heavy weight for pre contest everything changes. My training are in double split Morning and Evening, where I plan my sessions with specifics training such as Supersets, Dropsets, Super series where I do numbers of moves with shorter recovery times to increase the intensity and my muscular strength. So following that my diet is low in carbs but I never cut it all, some days are going to be high carbs and other days low carbs according to my physique and my shape where I hold more fats.

On Stage
When I arrived on the show day there is an extreme excitation I am in my place where I belong, all the peoples have been going through their own preps so you can see more solidarity as we understand each others. So when I arrived backstage I see the other athletes getting ready, I started putting my bikini, I go do my make up, my hair then I go get my number. That moment the excitement was getting higher, I see the stage, the public.

During the prejudging if you get call out there is a very good chance that you are in top 3. The judges compare you with the other girls then the pressure at this point is in maximum because you start asking many questions. I feel more motivate for the next day wishing I will win so a lot of things are going through my mind at this point and you get even more confident when you see the results and that you're in top 3, all the hard work pays off I'm so happy at that moment and can't wait for my next contest prep and show.

My first show I was so nervous that I was actually shaking haha. The time on stage was so short that in the end there wasn't any reason to be nervous at all I wanted to go back and doing all my walk on stage again. All you need to remember is that just about everybody else is as nervous as you are.
Until I stepped on stage. Once those stage lights hit, it's so bright you can't really see anyone. And even if you can, it's your moment and you worked your ass off for it so I won't ruin it just because I'm scared to be on stage. I have work so hard, it is time to show my hard work on stage Confidence can't be faked on stage. If someone is not sure of themselves, it shows! Likewise, when someone is having fun and enjoying themselves you can really see and feel it. :) So, just have fun! I cannot stress this enough...tell yourself, at this point, there's nothing that you can do anyway.

The real competition is not the day of the show, but all the months, weeks, and days leading up to it. It's you putting in the hard work, every damn day. If you've given is 110% then you have nothing to fear - be PROUD of the work you've put in and all the hours you've sacrificed!! Stand tall and enjoy the will show when you go out there, and you will shine on stage :)

Just be confident and proud of what you have accomplished! Don't forget to smile :)

My future plan is to do my first Pro show in Toronto coming August 2016. I feel so lucky to be on stage with the other girls that I follow on instagram and now I am going to be part of it.

In a long run I may Compete in the France Championship IFBB and if I do good results then I can do the European Championship if I'm able to place well then I that will give me the opportunities to participate on prestigious competition like Arnold amateur or Olympia amateur and because I am ambitious if I place well get my IFBB Pro card as Figure. I am also developing my fitness line call ADEBODY. At the moment my website is under construction also I'll develop more my coaching helping those who want to compete to get their physique at the top with diet plan, training and posing sessions, at the moment I am taking few clients because of my busy planning.

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Adebola Sadiq

Adebola Sadiq