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Abigail: I actually have been planning to compete for a little over a year now. I was always the type of person to lose interest in things easily and I knew competing was something that needed my full attention and dedication. I took a year to make sure this was something that I really wanted to do. After 6 months of weight lifting, I had been approached by multiple people in the gym asking if I competed or even when my next show was. I started to research bikini competitors and kind of just ended up falling in love with the sport. Took a year to really train hard and study the sport as a whole. Learning politics, pre and post show emotions, and watched countless videos on what to expect.

I initially was supposed to compete May 2016, but 5 weeks out fell and tore my PCL which is located behind your knee. Couldn't weight train my legs for close to a month. This devastated me, but I continued to push myself to train. Oddly enough my upper body was never as conditioned as my legs, so this gave me time to really focus on that. Now, looking back I'm almost thankful I got hurt. It really humbled me. I'm thankful every day for my legs after barely being able to walk. Because of it, I was able to come back into a new prep, compete this past June with a completely balanced and symmetrical physique. Really happy with how my upper body was able to come in for that show.

Diet for on and off season, really hasn't changed much for me. I was originally 89lbs before I got a coach so we bulked me into a show at 104lbs. Now, I'm continuing to bulk into my next show, because we were really happy with how I was able to be conditioned and yet stay full for my past show. The only time my diet changed was the last 2 weeks of prep. If anything, meats were just leaner and thankfully I didn't have to deplete much at all. My low carb days were never as low as most. I think the best way to diet for losing weight and building muscle is lean bulking. Lean meats such as turkey breast and tilapia. Lots of green veggies and some complex carbs to fuel body for workouts such as sweet potato and brown/white rice. I like my diets kept simple, because it's less stressful being able to prep yourself throughout the week.

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I only have done meal planning with my coach and that worked really well for me, because I didn't have to think about anything besides eating and training hard. Some people follow IFIYM, but in my opinion, meal planning is the way to go. Unless you have vast knowledge on nutrition, you can't just base competition diets around IIFYM. There are different kinds of carbs and different kinds of meats that should be eaten around certain times of the day and the way they process in your body is different so that all has to be accounted for if you want to bring your best physique to stage. Especially if you're planning on being nationally level lean.

The main components of my training program are lifting and steady state cardio. I occasionally do HIIT cardio, but I definitely prefer steady state because there's really no recovery from it. Doing HIIT can be very taxing on the body and it can very well hinder your training if you are still recovering from it. I'd much rather keep my training/lifting the top priority and spend the extra time doing steady state, in order to keep each lift as strong as possible.

I've always been somewhat of a performer since I was a kid. Danced for close to 13 years of my life. So stage time wasn't as nerve racking as it would be for someone who hasn't ever done it before. Before I stepped on stage, I just had to keep reminding myself that this is where you show off all of your hard work. This is what you've been working so hard towards. You can't let nerves ruin it, because it will show in your stage personality, and that is very important.

My first competition was June 18 at the Mid Florida Classic. Check ins were a little crazy. I ended up being late to the meeting so I already was a little frazzled. Everyone seemed to be dressed and ready to go. While I had absolutely nothing done yet. I ended up rushing through my make up and hair and was the last one done and at that point it was time to step on stage. Pre judging was so much fun. This was it. Me finally getting a chance to show people my dedication to this sport physically. Once I stepped on stage, I felt like I belonged there. Rocked it and honestly was just blessed for the opportunity. I was on cloud 9. So happy with what I brought that I kept saying I didn't care what happened at finals and what place I received because I was so proud of what I had achieved. Finals, this was it. Another moment to strut. Definitely unexpected but I won both my class and the novice in bikini. I did not however win the over all. My friend Crystal did and she looked amazing. Can't wait to do it again.

Future plans right now are to compete August 20th at a national qualifier and depending what happens there, then on to a national show. The national show will be of course to try and receive my pro card but ultimately I want the experience of being nationally level lean and to meet the judges there. On my growing season, I will be looking to bring up my delts, so that my body is a little more symmetrical and of course there will never be enough glute work.

Can't thank @npc_saraelizabeth enough for taking the time out of her schedule to help the girls and I with posing. I feel a bit more comfortable. #posing #bikinicompetitor #bikini #npcbikini #ifbb #npc #girlswhosquat #gym #fit #fitfam

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