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I started competing, oddly enough, during my time spent pursuing my doctorate in Nautropathic Medicine and Chiropractics. One of my childhood friends along with a new classmate at that time we're competitors. As a lifetime competitive athlete I have always been interested and eager to dive into new sports and athletic challenges. Hence, in October 2014 I had my first NPC experience as a competitor. Since then I have done a now total of five competitions all in the Midwest region.

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My diet actually doesn't change drastically what so ever- I pride myself on being able to live an extremely healthy lifestyle year-round which greatly aids in being able to do moderate/shorter "preps" for competitions. My educational background in nutrition, medicine and fitness heavily contribute to this as well! I find this lifestyle balance to be most beneficial- especially from a health standpoint. I completely train and prep myself fully now- however my first and second competitions I did have diet coaches. I do not feel that either coach provided me with what I now know works best for me- clean flexible dieting.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to posing! I did have a posing coach for my first show to help with knowing how to pose, what poses work best for my physique, stage confidence, etc however most of it just comes naturally with time!

I preach on balance not only when it comes to dieting but training as well- typically my week consists of four lifting four lifting sessions, four sessions of cardio (30 minutes of biking, stair-master or running) and one day of HIIT circuit training. I also make sure to incorporate one full rest day a week. I carb cycle when I am in competition training!

My most recent competition was actually two weeks ago as of tomorrow- NPC Natural Northern in Cleveland, OH. Check-ins was my first time ever seeing the Public Auditorium which the show was held at- MASSIVE! I was blown away by how big of a competition it would be and such an astonishing venue the auditorium is as well. Pre-judging is always a little nerve-racking trying to time out when to have meals, last minute make-up and hair touches, tanning fixes etc so it was a busy morning! Finals is the BEST! Mostly of the judging is complete and it is time to just strut out every ounce of what you have left to enjoy the evening!

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I have been a competitive athlete my entire life; it has always come as a priority to me which does keep me busy every hour of everyday. I am always grinding inside and outside of the gym! That is just who I am. :) It also does limit some of my social life however like I've stated- all about balance!! :)

Future goals: Absolutely. I am always planning away at my next step- you will definitely see me on the national stage (I have been NQ since my second competition however I have not yet dove into a national show) in 2019. IFBB pro status will be in my near future. Stay tuned ;).


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