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Hailey Delf, IFBB Pro

Daniely Castilho - Arnold Classic Champion 2017
Autumn Swansen - Arnold Classic Champion 2016
Dani Reardon - IFBB Physique Pro
Brooke Walker - IFBB Physique Pro

Jennifer Faccinto - IFBB Physique Pro
Nicole Graham - 2019 Tampa Pro Figure Champion
Aja'Nel Williams - 2019 NPC USA Figure Overall Winner
Lexus Redmond - Bikini
Vanessa Yepez - Bikini
Spomenka Stanic-Miller - IFBB Figure Pro
Julia Champlin - 2019 NPC Jr.Nationals Women's Figure Overall Winner
Christina Rivera - Figure
Kelly Lynn Nauyokas - IFBB Pro
Routh Thach - Powerlifter
Sarah Paliotti - Powerlifter
Susan Salazar - Powerlifter

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Francesca Lauren - IFBB Pro
Skylar Lanier - IFBB Pro, Jr. USA's Overall Bikini Champion
Lauren Dannenmiller - IFBB Pro, NPC National Championships winner
Jacqueline Gomez - IFBB Pro, North Americans champion
Tiffany Servatius - IFBB Pro, Jr. Nationals champion
Paula de la Cruz
Stephanie Rofkahr
Lindsey Etheridge
Miranda Guerra
Jennifer Roberts
Cooper Scrantz

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Glutes Guide Glutes Guide
By Justine Albert,
IFPA Pro and NPC Figure Competitor

Biceps WorkoutBicep Exercises
By Mindi O'Brien,

Hamstring Guide Hamstring Exercises
By Eleathia Harding,
Figure Competitor

IFBB Bikini Pro Carmen Dicu
IFBB Bikini Pro Carmen Dicu

Back Guide Back Exercises
By Morisa Conner,
NPC Physique Competitor

Shoulders WorkoutShoulders Exercises
By Dekel Nesbitt,
Figure Competitor

Chest Training Guide Chest Training
By Daisy Williams-Mangieri,

Preventing injury in female bodybuilders Preventing injury in female bodybuilders
By Coby VandenBerg
MS, LAT, ATC, CES Athletic Trainer

Ab Workouts, Kristal Richardson - IFBB Figure Pro

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IFBB Physique Pro Oana Marinescu, 100lbs (45kg) one arm dumbbell rows

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