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Katrina: I began my bodybuilding journey after the birth of my second child. I was struggling to loose weight so started doing bootcamps and personal training twice a week. My fitness really improved quickly and the weight disappeared. I found I really loved the weight side of things and wanted to give up the party life style to focus on my fitness. I watched a few friends take to the stage and made the decision this was my next challenge. I first competed in 2013 at the age of 43. My first comp was wff masters in May where I placed second. Then I followed up in June Anb Masters placed second and finally Anb Masters in September where I placed first. It was so exciting because that day was my birthday.

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I competed next in November at Nationals and came 7th. In 2014 I competed in Anb and Inba with a first and a fifth. I then took a year off to build and changed federations to ifbb. I prepped for 2 years and competed in my first ifbb show in 2016 on the Gold Coast placing 1st. Next up was my dream to compete at Arnolds placing in the top six I was over the moon. I am currently prepping for Qld States in October and Nationals. None of this would not have been possible without the support of my sponsors and trainers dreams do come true to those who are patient and persistent.

Comp diet and off season diet: Off season diet consist of protein, fats and more carbs. Comp diet is basically the same just less carbs and constantly changes every two weeks. My motto is eat yourself lean the more clean food the better. My calories range from around 2100 to 3000. I have achieve the best results when I include intermittent fasting which maximises your fat burning potential and increased strength in workout. I am a big advocate of carb back loading and eating carbs at night. I have done keto with great results but would never do it again as it affects your concentration and memory.

Training: I mainly do supersets and volume when I'm at the gym. I find this to be most effective and keeps the muscles you are working for that day under constant pressure. My reps are slow and controlled always remember to stretch and contract.
My workouts
Legs (quad focus)
Chest (not a big session 3 or 4 exercises)
Bi and Tris

I always break up legs into hamstrings and quads. Hiit is incorporated into my workouts two times a week. I train abs two days on one day off.

Confidence: I have always been a confident person as I have also sung professionally so getting up in front of people was no issue to me but I still get a little nervous each time. I use breathing techniques to calm my nerves before I step on stage. Being prepared and having your posing polished takes the stress out of it so you can get up on stage with confidence and enjoy the whole process.

Arnolds Melbourne 2016: This was my dream come true. First we had to register the line was massive it was the biggest competition I have ever entered I was so overwhelmed. I meet so many amazing athletes who I am now in contact with all the time. The highlight was meeting Dana Linn Bailey she was just so lovely and down to earth. It is a very busy time coordinating tanning and makeup and of course all the fun of peek week diets but usually I am ready 4 weeks out so it just business as usual. Once you back of stage you are pumping up and practising your posing before you hit the stage so there is not much time for nerves. I usually listen to music and lay on the ground and breath and calm myself because I want it to look natural on stage and not forced.

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Future Plans: I will be competing in states soon and Oceania Pro Qualifier. My dream is to become a Pro. My advice is to dream big and take action towards making this a reality. Surround yourself with likeminded positive people who support your dream and make it happen.

E-mail: katrinabechstein@hotmail.com
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katrina.bechstein

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