Clear Competition Heels


Color: A colored pair, such as black, would give the impression that your legs stop very dramatically and it becomes apparent that the shoe is there.
Clear heels will be almost invisible and therefore will give the illusion of an elongated leg so the judges "think" you’re a little taller than you really are. You want your shoes to blend, not distract the judges from focusing on the good parts of your body.

Straps or No Straps: It is up to your discretion. Some competitors prefer an ankle strap, since it helps to keep the shoe on and in place, while others like just a slide that frees them from the hassle of untying and retying shoes all day when they are off stage.

Practice Makes Perfect: Be sure to buy your shoes enough time before the show to give plentiful time to figure out how to walk in them and getting your feet used to them.
Wear them around the house, do about 15 minutes of walking at the end of your training. The more comfortable you feel, the better on competition day.
Good Luck!