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Joanna Krupa was named the "sexiest swimsuit model in the world" in July 2005 Playboy issue, and she is one of the most sought after models. This Polish beauty lives in LA and has been featured on the covers of such world-renowned magazines as GQ, Maxim, FHM, Stuff, Trump Magazine and Ocean Drive. Besides modeling, Joanna has also had roles in films, and she is a strong animal activist. We tried to find out the secrets of her tremendous success. A meeting with a stunning icon.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
April 2007

* Joanna, how are you these days?

Joanna Krupa: I am doing wonderful. My life couldn't be better.

* How did you feel when you where chosen as the sexiest swimsuit model in the world?

Joanna Krupa: It was definitely an honor because there are so many beautiful women in the world so for magazines to recognize me as one is an amazing feeling and quite an accomplishment. Makes what I do so much more meaningful.

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* Your career is interesting. While most supermodels' careers are accelerated by NY based model agencies and winning international competitions, it's not your case. What was the beginning like for you, and was your climbing to the top easy and fast?

Joanna Krupa: Since I am not a high fashion model at 5'7 it was difficult for me to get signed with a modeling agency at the beginning because they have a one dimensional thinking and they are stuck in the 90s where the biz was very clearly structured and not as diverse as today. What's funny is that most of the very agencies that turned me down then - cause they viewed me as too short and/or too sexy - wanna represent me today.
Most model agents are also stuck in terms of height and measurement instead of selling 'personalities'... as the trend shows. Perfect example is Carmen Electra. So it wasn't till my manager Nadja from Pole Position discovered my photo in a photographers portfolio and wanted to meet me right away. Probably the best thing that could have happened in my career was when I met her because she has been nothing but supportive and a great and loyal friend too. She didn't care about height and simply saw me as a unique package. I am blessed to have her on my team.

* As an actress and a model, what would you say are the differences between these two fields?

Joanna Krupa: When You are a model its not just looking pretty like many people think. You have to have that spark that comes out on every photo or else the photo comes out dull and boring, most modeling jobs take hours to wrap. It's not as easy as many people that are not in the industry think it is. There is alot that goes on behind the scenes that people at home don't see. A lot has to do with the right hair makeup. Lighting and of course a great photographer is extrmemly important.
On the other hand, acting is totally different and you actually have to bring a character to life and make him or her believable so it comes out on screen and it doesn't look like you are just reading lines. You gotta totally lose yourself in a character visually, verbally and emotionally... Plus in acting 50% is the voice. If you don't have a good voice, either heavily work with a voice coach or switch careers.

* Which characters do you enjoy playing the role of, and what feelings do you like to express?

Joanna Krupa: I still haven't played my ideal role so can really answer that question. I would love to play in a James Bond movie or other sophisticated action film and kick butt or play in a psychological thriller where I can express a wide range of emotions. At least I already had the honor of working with several academy award winning actors... The dream role shall follow in due time (laughs).

* How much are you involved in managing your successful career - acceptances and rejections of assignments, wage negotiations and so on?

Joanna Krupa: My manager deals with most of my booking and does all the negotiations. Her and I work as a team to make the right decisions in the path I want to continue with my career.

* What motivated you to lead the current PETA campaign?

Joanna Krupa: I grew up with dogs my whole life and just love animals. When I saw the video in how brutal the people are in china where they defur dogs and cats that are still alive, I just had to do something to try to stop this heartless and disgusting people. My campaign won't change the world, but it does create awareness... The first step to creating change.

* Appearances on the covers of magazines such as Maxim and FHM require a body that symbolizes perfection. How do you prepare it for such shootings? Do you change your routine for them?

Joanna Krupa: I try to have the same routine all the time because it's just makes it easier to keep in shape and not let yourself go since I have done that in the past and was hard to get back to normal. I try to keep myself at a certain weight, workout with trainer and also on the precor machine and try to balance out what I eat in which I count calories. I don't deny myself sweets or certain foods if I have cravings I just balance it out or make sure I workout that day. I don't aspire to be a size zero like I just saw at the NY fashion week, as I view that as a sad and unattractive image of a woman... I wanna look healthy, toned and curvy.

* How does beauty influence love and relationships? Is it easy to find the right guy when you are so beautiful?

Joanna Krupa: In my profession it is defintely hard to find a guy that looks past your beauty and loves you for the person you are. I believe in fate and there is a right man for everyone I am sure. It just might take time but I believe once I meet my match I will know cause it will be love at first sight. Whenever I am in a good relationship it makes me more focused and driven in my career, cause it makes you glow more as a person and the happiness pours through.

* Which differences do you find between men and women in loyalty to spouse, and in attitude towards money?

Joanna Krupa: It's really hard to say because I believe anyone can be loyal if they want to be and I don't think it makes a difference what gender they are. We all want to be successful. It all depends on the persons ambitions and I believe a lot comes from the family upbringing. If a person came from a loving family with decent values and morals then that would probably make it easier for that person to stay loyal to their spouse. If someone has no depth and engages in a rather superficial lifestyle and thinking, it would be hard for him or her to stay loyal especially being successful with lots of money.

* You are very famous and got dozens of millions of fans worldwide. Please tell me about a letter, or a compliment you've received from a fan that made you very happy.

Joanna Krupa: The best is when girls email me and tell me that I am their role model cause I am not a party animal, don't do drugs, don't lose myself in "the biz", live a balanced life and do not look like a toothpick... The support of these young girls makes what I do even more worth while and fuels my desire to set a positive example for everyone...

* How does a typical day in your life look like?

Joanna Krupa: It varies day to day but lets say today I woke up at about 8.30 had coffee, tooks shower and got ready to go to a lunch meeting, then went to my dentist for a checkup and after that went to get a massage. Got home at dinner, talked on the phone, checked emails, worked out for 30 minutes, met with my new dj-teacher - as I always love to learn new things - and now I am responding to your questions. Today was one of the easier days (smiles).

* Any exciting projects we can expect from you in the coming months?

Joanna Krupa: I will have my own show that will start airing in the summer, called Celebrity Stuff. I have my own lingerie line -, and of course there will be more news... Currently US Playboy listed me in their March issue as one of the 25 sexiest celebrities... Bottum line: I try to keep my career diverse and thankfully the articles reflect that...

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