Beverly Direnzo Interview

The Bodybuilding Nationals competition in Dallas is around the corner, and Beverly Direnzo, from Fort Myers, Florida, is fueling her muscles. She has an impressive bodybuilding competitions history as well as admirable persistence, and talks about her quest to the desired Pro card.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
November 2007

* Beverly, how are you?

Beverly Direnzo: I'm fine thanks for asking, and still working hard.

* You're getting better and better. From 15th Place in the 2001 Nationals - Heavyweight, you reached the 2nd place last year. What's the secret of your success in bodybuilding?

Beverly Direnzo: Working hard and figuring out over the years of past experience what works for me.

* What tempted you to put yourself into bodybuilding?

Beverly Direnzo: A goal I decided to make back in the day that I finally decided to make a reality.

* Do you find it is easier to gain muscle and lose fat as a beginner bodybuilder? Or maybe today, when you're very experienced in bodybuilding, it is easier to build muscles?

Beverly Direnzo: It is easier to MAINTAIN muscle over the years.

* It seems impossible to develop a body as yours without learning about how to build muscle, muscle building supplements, weight lifting exercises and so on. What is your best source for finding information about bodybuilding?

Beverly Direnzo: My two biggest support teams and trainers, Matt DiRenzo and Dave Palumbo.

* How do you enhance your muscle growth? How do you get the most out of your bodybuilding workouts?

Beverly Direnzo: I diet and train smart.

* What would we typically find in your fridge?

Beverly Direnzo: Well seeing as I have three children and two bodybuilders within my household, one being me the other being my husband. There is a variety of things skattered throughout the fridge including, chicken, and more chicken lol, yogurts, pizza's, lunchables, hot tamales, fruit snacks, water with crystal light, salad, mustard, peanut butter, etc.

* Which changes in your body do you like most to see?

Beverly Direnzo: How lean everything gets when it get close to competition time.

* Let's talk about your gymnastics/fitness/nutrition center. What's the most exciting and rewarding part of your work?

Beverly Direnzo: Having a good practice with the kids, watching their progression.

* Many female bodybuilders often offer muscle worship sessions to finance their bodybuilding competitions. What do you think about this phenomenon?

Beverly Direnzo: I think it depends on the personal preference. It's nothing I ever intend to do, but some people choose to and I have no disrespect to them, like I said it's just a preference.

* How do your children see you? And when you go to Fort Myers beach, how do people react to your incredible muscle mass? You're definitely the strongest woman on the beach!

Beverly Direnzo: My children see me no different than any other child should to their mother. I am mom and that's all I'll ever be to them. And if you were assuming if my own children would be frightened by me, lol never. As far as the beach goes, I don't go very often. I never have the time to.

* How are your preparations for the 2007 Bodybuilding Nationals next month in Dallas going on?

Beverly Direnzo: Preparations are going well. Everything is on schedule as planned.

* What do you like to do in your free time?

Beverly Direnzo: I like to rest!!!

* What are your bodybuilding goals?

Beverly Direnzo: Just to be the best as I possibly can be, and always enjoy what I do!

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