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Figure champion Anite Hess was born in Rostock, Germany, and works out in Kelsterbach. In her search for the right sport she went to different institutes, and in April 1999 she dropped into a fitness studio. She loved it from the beginning. It seemed like fate, and she also got her hands on fitness magazines like "The Flex" and "Sport Revue". These fitness magazines pointed out how aesthetic, well-formed bodies look. In only six months she was training with the guys. She realized she loved this sport and was excited about doing concentrated training for her first Figure contest - the North German Championship in 2000 where she earned 2nd place. She wanted to try it again in 2001. The result was amazing - She became Mistress of Hessen in 2001! It was just the first of a long line of championships Anita Hess won in her successful fitness career.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
July 2007

* Anita, after you became NABBA/WFF European & World Champion 2005 in Figure Class, Do you continue now to bodybuilding?

Anita Hess: Yes, this year I plan to compete in the Bodybuilding class.

* How would you describe your personality?

Anita Hess: Tough, honest, friendly.

* How do you determine and evaluate success?

Anita Hess: When I live "normal" life.

* Developing an impressive body as yours requires very rich knowledge. Where and how did you learn so much about muscle building, using weight lifting equipment and many other bodybuilding topics? Was the beginning easy for you?

Anita Hess: The beginning was easy, because of my knowledge of 17 years of Handball. So I started and tried many kinds of trainings... I found out, what was the best for me, how I gain the most muscle and how I relax the most...

* What are the things that you have to sacrifice in life for reaching the high level you are today?

Anita Hess: My life makes me happy when I have a qualified , good paid job, a loving man, friends. To reach my goals, I often disregards my friends, couldn't have a normal life with party and so on.

* What are the judging criterions of choosing the winner in figure and bodybuilding competitions? And how do you prepare your body for each criterion?

Anita Hess: The criterions are really different and change every year, depending on the assosiation you compete. It's a kind of luck, when you become a winner.

* Your fitness career took you to compete in many countries - Denmark, France, Slovenia, England to name a few. Sometimes you compete twice a year, and sometimes your number of bodybuilding competitions reach four. How do you decide in which country to compete, and how do you decide what the frequency of your bodybuilding competitons should be?

Anita Hess: After I won in Germany it was not interessting anymore. I heard from friends and read in the internet about the international competitions and I've got the invitation for that. That was great, I learnt lots of people from different countries and practiced my languages. It's a question of money how often and where you can go for competition. After my sponsor and me splitted, there where no chance to do any further competition, because he paid all of the travelling costs. If I could I would do as many competitions as possible - I love the stage... but anyway, there is still no new sponsor who wants to pay the travelling costs.

* While posing on stage, were you surprised to hear so many times the announcement "Anita is the winner"? In other words, when comparing your well developed body to other competitors, do you know immediately you're going to win?

Anita Hess: No never.......:-) Everytime I'm surpised when I becoming a winner - mainly overseas - and that is what me makes proud of all the titles... That the international judges makes me the winner.

* As a top figure and bodybuilding athlete, what characterizes your many fans? What is their gender? Their occupation? How old are they? Could you tell me about nice compliments you receive from them?

Anita Hess: Hmm difficult to put it in words - obviously most of them are male - they often like to say, how fascinating my body is - they send me sweet love letters. But also girls write me cute emails with motivating words.

* Do you think every woman can gain a big muscle mass and be a bodybuilder, or maybe women must have perfect genes for bodybuilding? Why do you think so?

Anita Hess: Genes - this is one thing. Every woman can gain muscles, some of them more, some of them less. It's a question of hardiness regarding everydays food, everydays training, less breast, less time for other interesting things... less understanding from the "world outside".

* So, what does the tattoo on your lower back mean to you? I see it accompanies you for long time.

Anita Hess: Yes, I decided for this tatoo years ago. It is a paradise bird - should mean in my eyes - I'm doing what I want & what I love everytime, without taking care of the idea of the "world outside".

* What are your favorite types of works as a fitness model?

Anita Hess: I'm not defined in only doing Bikini modelling, sport modelling - I never do nude pictures.

* Are you going soon to the Spanish restaurant "The Barrel"?

Anita Hess: Sadly no, was there the last time, after the competition in France last April, after that there was no time, regarding of my preparation.

14. Where do you see yourself Anita five years from now, personally and professionally?

Anita Hess: Personally I hope I'm arrived - Loving Man, Children planning, becoming again a German Champion, European and WorldChampion at the IFBB. Professionally - will see what will happen.

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