Yulia Dozorcha - Bikini Competitor

* Yulia won 1st place in Bikini at the 2018 Arnold Classic in Ohio (Class H).

At the beginning I didn't even think of competing. I was just trying to get my body into a shape that I always wanted to have. And my friend Kat, who was a successful bikini competitor, told me once at the gym that I look like couple weeks out of the competition and that I should give it a try. Honestly I was very skeptic about all these bikini competitions, at the very beginning. I didn't understand why one wants to torture himself, go through crazy diet and tons of cardio just for a 5 mins on the stage. At that time all I knew about bikini prep is that they eat boiled chicken and cucumbers. But then though I thought if I look like stage ready so I might give it a shot. In just 3 weeks I was ready for my very first bikini competition Metropolitan championships. I didnít have any money so I made my first suit by myself. I am a professional dancer so I have some skills in making costumes and I thought that suit wouldnít be a problem. To be honest when I arrived there I caught myself in a thought that I look nothing like those girls. I was thinking that I made a huge mistake by deciding to compete. But as it turned out I was wrong. Long story short I placed 2 in my very first bikini challenge.

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My diet has change a lot of time. As a personal trainer I have to learn new plans and approaches to a healthy eating and dieting. So I tried them all. From mono diets, such as only protein, or only carbs to intermittent fasting and Keto diet. I even used a Keto diet in one of my preps for the show, and of course I failed it. My body like carbs, my muscles like carbs but at that moment I thought I look great. Till I was one week out. My package was not good at all, and itís very nicely said. Muscles were soft and over all look wasnít good. So I get back on carbs very easily and ever since havenít cut them off my diet. On My off season I eat clean. I just donít want any junk food, of sweets or something that is unhealthy. I cook and I love how it tastes. Yes, as a human being I allow myself sometimes eat something out of the fitness bikini girl's menu, but it happens ones in a blue moon. I think if you call yourself a fitness competitor you should look like one the whole year around not only when competing. And on top of it I am a personal trainer and my body is my business card.

As I mentioned earlier the Keto diet wasnít good for me. I think itís a personal thing. My body just working good on carbs. And I think for bodybuilding carbs are the best source of energy and many researches have shown that if you want to build muscles you donít have to eat a lot of protein just more carbs actually. As we all know that glycogen is the main source of musclesí power and we only can get it from carbs. Although through gluconeogenesis, when our liver converts protein into glucose, when we have a dramatic deficit of it, our body can get some energy from a protein source, itís not healthy and I wouldnít recommend to any one get into this phase. In conclusion of this topic I would say Keto is a type of diet that I would never use again for my prep.

My self confidence required to strut on stage was build from the age of 2. When I first perform before the audience in my Day Care. I used to be a professional dancer so I can say that I am lucky as I know how nervous one can get in front of so many people especially when standing in a bikini suit.

I am doing a lot of researches and I have tried many approaches in terms of bodybuilding. We have different types of muscle fibers that have to be trained in a different ways and techniques. As a personal trainer Iíve tried almost everything and I came up with a perfect perspiration plan which consists of 4 microcycles one week each. I plan my diet around my workouts. And I make sure I have one cheat meal a week. Sometimes I do refeed day. Itís when you minimize your protein and fat intake and maximize your carbs intake. Very very good approach in terms of energy restoring and maintaining your body fat.

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I recently won Arnold Classic in bikini category. This was the most incredible and exciting competition so far. I donít want to lie I was thinking about first place. And I think if anyone tells that he or she doesnít care about taking a first place and that the most important thing is experience, they lie or they donít have any confidant in themselves. I always want to win. Yes I am enjoying the process for sure, but this is the whole point be the first, be the best. ARNOLD CLASSIC gave me a lot of challenges while prepping. I got very sick just one week before the show. I was feeling so bad that I barely could move. But my desire to go and win was so much stronger. I was doing my cardio, I pushed through my workouts and I followed the diet for 100% no excuses. 3 days out I was sitting in my chair making selfie and posting to my IG profile that I am ready to die. This is how bad it was. But thanks God next day I woke up feeling better and on the following day I jumped into my car and drive 9 hours by myself to the Arnold. During the trip I had to send pics of how I look as well as my weight 30 mins after every meal to my coach so cute can adjust my diet and water intake.

I got lucky and he told me to eat pancakes with maple syrup and a square of butter. It was such a relief and I stepped on the stage at prejudging looking full and happy. The diet actually is not the most terrible thing not drinking water is the one. When your mouth is dry you donít even want to eat. So long story short I ended up in the very middle of the first callout and I knew that I will be 1st. Of course I had a fear that the judges could change their opinion as I saw it happened before. But I am a believer so when me and another girl were standing on the finals in front of the thousands people I already saw myself raising my hands for a victory photo as a winner. I would never forget this competition. Not only because I won but because I met so many amazing people, got so many new connections and itís gave me a power and feelings that now I am unstoppable and I can do anything I want.

Being an athlete is not only affecting my life it is my life. I am in the gym training people for the most time of day. And I love it. I love what I do. I love eating healthy, I love weighting my food, I love counting calories, I love seeing the results of a hard work, I love doing my cardio, I love my life.

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My future plans of course to get a pro card. And no doubt to win Olympia. I want to travel and have a chance to share my knowledge and experience , to help more people understand and learn how to stay fit and healthy, how to create a workout plans based on the goals, how to have time for work and gym, how to stay motivated and keep going. By building my name I also will get credentials that will allow me to give seminars and workshops, travel all over the world and help as many people as I could. This is the plan. Thank you for having me here. Best of luck!

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