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I've been passionate about fitness and bodybuilding since I started high school many years ago. I always dreamed of developing my physique like the girls the fitness magazine and dreamed of one day being able to compete. Never thought it was possible for me. I've consistent with life style for years, and talked about wanting to compete for years. One day a friend from the gym asked me to help him with a spray tan back stage at his first show. I remember being in awe at the physiques and the desire to compete started to grow. My cousin introduced me to his coach, and we developed a great relationship over the years. He helped me prepare for 3 of my competitions. I feel with his guidance and faith in me I found faith in myself and finally did it.

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Off season I eat clean 6 days a week. I don't always weigh my foods, I maintain a carb cycle type diet. Usually 2 days low, 1 high, Sunday is my free day where I don't think twice about my diet. I drink 5L of water a day, and eat 5-6 meals a day as well. Pre contest is very similar, only I am meticulous with portions, I lower my carbs, and resort to more of a basic diet. I'm old fashioned when it comes to my preps. Chicken, white fish, greens, clean complex carbs like sweet potato and oatmeal. Typically I drop my calories by about 300/day, but I really don't count. I know the portion sizes I need. Off season I'd say I consume an average of 2400 calories per day. Prep would range between 1700-2000/day. I never drop below 1500. Even in. Even in the last couple weeks. It's totally unnecessary.

The first time I tried to attempt competition prep, I was guided by someone who put me on a starvation diet. Absolutely no carbs, calories were something ridiculous like 1100/day. She also had me doing over an hour of cardio per day. I fainted in the gym one morning and gave up on the idea for a couple years. Fast forward to more recently, I attempted a different coach since moving out of Toronto. The meal plan they gave me clearly wasn't designed for me. They had me on lot of carbs daily. (50g of oatmeal 2-3x a day) I told myself to trust the process, had faith that my coach knew what was best for me. Figured since the girls in figure are a lot bigger these days maybe this style of dieting was going to help me achieve more size. I ended up putting on more fat the closer we got to competition day.

Starvation won't let you build muscle or give you the energy needed for the intense training. It also causes metabolic damage which is hard to reverse. Eating too much, obviously, won't let you lean out.

While I am in prep, Morning fasted hiit every morning. Cardio never exceeds 45 minutes for me. Typically 25mins hiit followed by 20 minutes steady state. Weights done at night. If I don't feel lean enough I might throw in an extra 15 minutes of steady state after I train. Off season I do 25-30 minutes of fasted hiit cardio 4-5x a week. I need it like I need my coffee in the morning! Love it! On days I eat carbs, I time them for after my weight training session or early in the morning. Lean proteins throughout the day and steak at night. Typically the same in off season, only my portions are larger and I'm not afraid to use condiments in moderation.

Quick and dirty. In and out in 25 mins. 5min warm up, 5 circuits minimal rest, 9 minute mile.. and done! I need this like I need my coffee in the morning. #hiit #abs #sweaty! #killedit #hungry

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Self-confidence: I think the confidence comes after you do it. After months of prep for my first competition, I was proud of the perfect effort I put into the prep. I knew I gave it all I had, and a better version of me was not possible at that time. The fear goes away when you're standing in line behind the curtain, you get this sense of satisfaction that you didn't let yourself down.

I remember when I switched from bikini to figure. Sitting back stage with all the other competitors in my class, munching our rice cakes and peanut butter. There was this kindred feeling amongst all of us. Although we were competing against each other, there was this mutual respect and understanding. We all put the work in. There's something about being amongst other women that compete. The outside world doesn't understand what we go through. Being with so many others at one time really creates this sisterhood vibe. I made some of my closest friends back stage.

Whenever I'm lining up behind the curtain to go on stage, my knees tremble. I touch the velvet curtain and breathe in the smell of competitors (lol! We smell a very specific way. Spray tan, ketosis, sweat and burnt hair and hairspray) the sound of the MC announcing the other class that's on stage, the upbeat music, the volunteers with clipboards hurrying around doing head counts and fussing over the details (like how to pronounce my name). I take in every detail of those last moments, and I few this deep satisfaction in me. I reminisce the workouts that I really didn't feel like doing, I reminisce all the hard times I overcame during my prep, and I feel victorious. This deep understanding that I know I can trust myself to do whatever I set my mind to. I don't let myself down. Then I get this sense of pride and joy within me, which translates into this confident strut onto the stage when it's time to go out. I love it.

Life as an athlete: This is a loaded question. For one, being an athlete is a lifestyle for me. There's no real "off season". Everything I do is based on my lifestyle. I time all my meals, I sleep on schedule, training is my priority, coaching other women is my line of work. I've lost a lot of friends who couldn't understand my life. I've made several more who respect it. I've never been able to date anyone outside my lifestyle because they don't understand. My boyfriend shares my lifestyle with me and there's never any weirdness when I say I'm going to workout for the second time in the day. He's right there with me. If I'm not training, I'm creating meal plans and training programs for clients. I have many women I work with, so when the focus isn't on my lifestyle, it's on theirs. I breathe fitness.

I've been a personal trainer for years, more recently I've been focusing on online coaching. I launched my first Fierce In 12 transformation challenge a month ago. The progress the women have made so far is astounding, and I love that I can help change the lives of more women at once via challenges. Currently working on upcoming challenges and program for women to join in on online.

Website: www.bodybyxenia.com
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