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I started running just to relieve stress and got hooked on the runner's high. After running for a few year's I began wondering how fitness ladies achieved the look they had, muscularity, nice legs and abs I was interested to see if I could at least find me some abs. Running alone was definitely not working, I was skinny fat. I did some research and joined some facebook groups that caught my attention, particularly IIFYM. It was in the FB group that I found out about lifting weights, bulking, cutting and macros. I found my online coach Kait Cavers and started with flexible dieting and lifting weights to see if it could actually work for me and it did.

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I started following some bikini competitors and found Geri Berger IFBB pro and saw that she was my age, I thought to myself if she can do it, why can't I? So I decided to do my first bikini competition in 2016 to see how I would do. I won my class - masters bikini in the Ikaika Classic in Hawaii in 2016. In 2017 we had moved from Hawaii to San Diego and I thought to myself I should try it out again and see if I could do well on the mainland as well. In June 2017 I won Masters 35+ and 40+ at the MuscleContest here in San Diego. I then went to compete in Pittsburgh Masters Nationals and placed in the Top 5.

Off Season I have more calories but I still follow my macros. Pre contest I cut calories. I find flexible dieting most enjoyable because I am able to fit it my favorite foods and treats. I have been on a flexible diet plan following macros since 2015. I weight train 5x a week, and do my cardio on my rest days 2x a week, I don't do HIIT, I just do Medium intensity, I also like to attend Zumba classes for cardio. I find flexible dieting comes naturally to me now.... it's a lifestyle. Off season I usually just estimate most of my foods especially when eating out. During prep I eat out less often and weigh my foods meticulously.

I believe my confidence on stage comes from my background of being a hula/Polynesian dancer in Hawaii since the age of 5. I have been on stage dancing hula and performing on stage from a very young age. My confidence has grown from my first competition but I believe I still have a lot to improve on.

At my last competition which was Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, I was in awe of ALL the athletes..... everyone looked amazing and I thought to myself, what the heck am I doing here? do I really think I can compete with all of these fantabulous looking women??? I walked away with 2 TOP 5 trophies and was super happy with my placing. I was a bit unsure of how thing were going to go, but when I got first callouts, I knew this sport was definitely for me.

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I find being in this sport takes a lot of time and money. I am lucky to have a husband and family that support and encourage me all the way. I have made friends in the gym that compete as well and it helps that they understand what it's like to live this lifestyle. I make sacrifices but it's all worth it. I love it!

My next competition is in 3 weeks at Team Universe, I will compete in the masters 35+ and 40+ bikini divisions. I'm hoping and praying for a pro card. I will keep going until I get it as long as my health permits. Considering my age .. hahaha.

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