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Wendy: I started lifting in 2008. I have had a weight problem since I was 18 and did the standard yo yo dieting most people do. I went to gym off and on as well just to try and lose but then gain it all back. I started 2008 as a single Mom at 46 and decided it was time to get serious about my health and my weight. I went to lose weight and as I did, a few of the trainers asked if I was interested in bodybuilding cause I seem to put mass on easily. I saw my first show that July and got on stage in October of that same year having dropped 60lbs.

Diet and Training

Off season we can have more variety in our diet and more calories/carbs to gain muscle. The goal is still to eat clean but Iím human so have cheat meals (plural lol). Once we start prep, its important to stay on schedule with your meals (every 3 hours), measure your portions and eat clean. There is no magic formula to dieting to gain or to lose Ė If you want to lose weight, you burn more calories through cario/lifting than you eat. For gaining mass, you eat higher amounts of carbs and protein. The trick is in what you eat Ė to gain or to lose, my body has to eat as clean as possible, every 3 hours to respond. The difference is in how many calories you take in.

I have been put on precontest plans that included tilapia and green beans for every meal for 8 weeks Ė that does not work for me. It robs you of a variety of nutrients and your body still needs carbs to function. The process is difficult enough as it is so having a bit of variety in your protein source or carbs helps. The idea of cutting for a show isnít to lose the muscle you have worked so hard off season to gain and with the wrong diet, that can happen. My body does well with some carbs and closer to contest time, the overall calorie count reduces instead of removing whole food groups. The amount depends on what you look like Ė food gets adjusted every 1-2 weeks if necessary.

Supplements: I donít regularly take a preworkout but if I am tired or want a good pump, I will take it prior to working out. I always have BCAA in my water during workout and I take Chainíd Reaction with Humapro from ALRI as my after workout drink. For variety I may change that out to protein shake but always have a carb/protien right after working out.

I lift 6 days a week and do the typical splits of chest/tris, back/bis, quads, hamstrings glutes but because I am trying to work on my weaknesses, I add in another leg/back day and incorporate bit of shoulders in several of those days as well so most days there is an emphasised body part plus a third for good measure.

Experiences & Goals

The last contest I did was Nationals in November 2014. I went into that show calm, confident and pleased with what I brought to the stage alot in part to having started working with Trey Hodge out of Greenville, SC. This prep pushed me and my body to places I hadnít been before and the results showed that. More importantly I didnít feel any nervousness like I had in previous competitions I think because I knew I had done all I could do to prepare and was confident in what I had to present, the rest was out of my hands. All we can control as athletes is what we bring ot the stage. We have no idea who will show up, what condition they will be in or what the judges are looking for. This was only my 7th NPC show and I was at Nationals as a viable contenter in the top 3 so I was happy with that. I wasnít what the judges were looking for that day but at least I had people talking.

I am prepping for USAís in Vegas in July at the moment. It was a late start in the prep for me because of family obligations but I am still planning on doing whatever it takes to be ready. After USAís will be North Americans in September and then Nationals in November. I am hoping to attend all the big shows this year that still have female bodybuilding (4). Its sad that there seems to be such an effort to eliminate a sport that above all the others, takes a level of mental toughness, disapline and dedication you see in world class athlete. Womens bodybuilding has never been about the money cause there isnít much. You have to truely love the sport in order to sacrifice as much as we do for so little in return. For that reason alone, we will find other avenues to ensure the sport survives.

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Wendy Watson

Wendy Watson

Wendy Watson