Wanda Moore Interview

Wanda Moore doesn't let her age get in the way of pumping iron. With a body that provokes looks from everybody and transcends the limits of time, Wanda won the 2007 JR. Nationals. She plans to get her pro card in the near future.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
July 2008

* Wanda, how are you?

Wanda Moore: I am 46 years old.

* What inspired you to start bodybuilding?

Wanda Moore: After having 4 children I wanted to get back in shape. I grew up watching my brother and his friends bodybuild.

* How has your comeback to bodybuilding in 2006 been received after a 14 year retirement?

Wanda Moore: I won the southern classic in Jackson MS. in 2006 which was a national qualifier and then I won the middleweight class at the JR. Nationals in Chicago IL. in 2007. I plan to compete at the NPC Nationals in 2008.

* Did you surprise yourself, Wanda, with your phenomenal shape at the 2007 Jr. Nationals? Please tell me about the contest.

Wanda Moore: It was my first national level show and I needed to make 125 pounds for the middleweight class. I started dieting down from 165 at 5'-1" about 16 weeks out from the show. I was down to 131 by the time I got to Chicago so I felt once I got rid of my water I would be close. I missed weight on the first weigh in on thursday night and got rid of enough water overnight to barely make the weight of 125 at the final weigh-in on friday morning. After the water came off I was able to carb back up I couldn't believe how I looked. I did alot of photoshoots at the show and I think all that posing hardened me up more as well.

* What is your proudest professional achievement?

Wanda Moore: Winning my weight class at the JR Nationals.

* How has bodybuilding changed you as a person?

Wanda Moore: It gives me the drive and determination to take on the challanges of life.

* What are some of the best and some of the worst things about bodybuilding?

Wanda Moore: The best thing is the way you feel after months of dieting and hard work to see the results. Worst thing is sometimes not knowing what the judges are looking for.

* How do you stay motivated?

Wanda Moore: I love the look and strength.

* What is the most painful workout you have ever done? How did you deal with the pain?

Wanda Moore: Always legs, I do some punishing workouts. I love the pain so theres noting to deal with. lol.

* Which bodybuilding supplements do you choose from with so many on the market?

Wanda Moore: I use aminos and xpand, I also take creatine.

* Which part of your body do you like the most? Why?

Wanda Moore: Shoulders because I have worked extra hard to bring them up.

* What are some of the most common mistakes athletes are making when it comes to training and diet?

Wanda Moore: They don't diet hard enough.

* When you were a child, who did you feel loved you the most? How did that person show love to you? How did that person's love affect you life?

Wanda Moore: sitting in my fathers lap, he always made me feel safe.

* Under what circumstances does your competitive nature get out of control? Or getting jealous? Or reacting in a rude manner?

Wanda Moore: I love competing and I have also found that most other competitors are nice backstage to me. I get mad at rude or arrogant competetors.

* Share a time when you were up against a dead end, and opened a door that was either previously locked, or non-existent.

Wanda Moore: I recently went back to own the club I started at years ago. I was at a club that had kind of been a dead end for me. the owner of the other club had passed recently and I was offered the club.

* Your body looks so gorgeous, especailly considering how childbirth changes a woman's body... How has motherhood impacted your career and outlook?

Wanda Moore: My children all exercise, they were brought up around it.

* Please describe a typical day for you.

Wanda Moore: I begin the day training clients at 7am, then I usually get my workout around 10am. I have lunch then back training clients to 6 or 7 pm. Nights I work on renovations at my new home in Mississippi and do work on my website.

* What are your hobbies?

Wanda Moore: I love to travel, antique and shop.

* Do you have a favorite motto or any words of wisdom?

Wanda Moore: keep pushing forward at all times.

* What are your goals in bodybuilding? And what are you doing to ensure you meet them?

Wanda Moore: My goal is the get my pro card and all this hard work will make it happen.

Follow Wanda: https://www.facebook.com/wanda.moore.5680.

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