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Vaso: My husband George Kitmirids who is a pro bodybuilder for the WNBF, is the main reason I wanted to even step foot on stage in the first place. He has been competing in natural bodybuilding ever since he was 19years old (34 now); shortly after we started dating, the first competition I ever went to was the Fitness Atlantic / Musclemania show in 2009. Sitting in that audience cheering and admiring all the competitors, I noticed that I had a fire inside of me filled with passion for this sport. I knew in my heart that I would be on that stage one day competing with the best of the best, and from that moment on, after I told my husband about it, he was gung-ho on training me and helping me build my best physique yet.

Fast forward to 2013 I competed in my first show at the INBF Fulton’s Fitness show in New Haven, placing 2nd in Bikini- my first show ever, I followed that with a couple others, Musclemania in NYC (4th place in Bikini) and last but definitely NOT least, at Brian Cannone’s Fitness Atlantic show in 2014, I competed on the stage where the passion to compete was ever created for me, placed 2nd in Bikini and 3rd in Fitness. The rest is history! I love the feeling of gratification I get and see with all the hard work I have put in pays off and I don’t ever want to stop!

My diet which is my lifestyle in general never has steered off the beaten path of the original “dieters”: grilled chicken, veggies, sweet potatoes, steak, fish and can’t forget the oatmeal! I do however have cheat meals on the weekends preferably Sundays. That’s when my inner fat kids screams out for pizza (Has to be Colony) or if I go for a good cheeseburger hands down either Rory’s in Darien, CT or Burgerbar in Stamford, CT ; After my weekly cheat meal I go back to eating my 80/20 of meals. 80% clean and 20% room to “play with”. However during my off season, I am not prepping my meals every day, I usually eat out more, and cook home, less so wherever I go, I make sure I select places that can accustom my lifestyle. I think including weekly cheat meals, low on alcohol and keeping up with my supplements and workouts have really boosted my muscle gaining. Keeping the diet 80/20 does my body good. It may not work for all but for me, it sure does!

I haven’t really tried out a diet plan that does not work, besides binging after a show, and expecting those 20lbs you gained to be gone in a weeks time! Ha! That was a fail! All of the preps I have been on have never steered me wrong.

Currently, I am in training for my 2nd Pro Show; so my training is about 4 days a week of heavy lifting and 6 days a week of HIIT cardio, whether it be the stair master, treadmill, row machine, etc. I have gotten down the eat before your training, post workout meal, and bring a back up meal in case you have errands to run.

Confidence truly comes from accepting your self-image, accepting the flaws you have and know that you are truly unique and beautiful. The fact that I had felt a fire of passion to compete in the first place shocked me. I wasn’t always the shiest kid in the room, however insecure, most definitely. I didn’t feel that “great” about myself, the self-esteem area was definitely low in middle and a little bit of high school, honestly I think that I just learned to grow out of that stage of wary on my own, I looked up to my sisters who walked and talked with confidence, I wanted to be what they were, what I saw on TV, what I knew I can be. So one day I took a stand and said, I can do anything I set my mind to, I accept myself for who I am and what I have, and voila! The confidence shined on stage. Also one major component to really growing your confidence in competing, is by attending the posing camp classes your federation holds, being in a room with a bunch of other girls that are competing in your category or others are good for two reasons, A. you grow your network and B. you get hands on experience with the pros that help teach the class.

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The last show I competed in was my 1st Pro show in Montreal, Canada for the WBFF. My husband, sister and myself drove there from Norwalk, CT – got to the Host Hotel, which was the Hyatt Regency in under 6hours. I was bundled up with nerves from the moment I got to the venue, up until the day of the show, being it was my first time stepping on stage with all the other pro bikini girls, I was a nervous, anxious wreck. I didn’t know what to expect, the excitement I had was getting hindered because I couldn’t focus on the positive right away, I felt bloated and complained my way to my coach until show day.(Lucky him, haha). A couple things that really helped keep me grounded was knowing I was going to step on stage with a couple friends I made from the first show I competed in with the WBFF so that helped me out major, seeing their bright faces made me realize what an exciting time this was going to be. The nerves don’t ever go away, however knowing that you made it this far really lights a beam.

It’s such an amazing accomplishment to compete in the first place, but the fact that I was with the pros really made me appreciate the choices I have made and sacrifices, to be holding a spot in the WBFF. Check in’s were that Friday the night before the show, everyone got dressed up and it was a great meeting hosted by the one and only Paul Dillett!! He gave an exceptional speech and meeting, really gets you fired up for the event! After the meeting was wrapped up, as a female, you do the occasional picture taking with all of your friends and competitors, you introduce yourself to photographers, set up appointments with them and then either you go out for your “night before meal” steak dinner OR you go and TRY to get some zzz’s for the big day.

Show day was amazing, the show was run so smoothly, we had so much time to do touch ups/ etc. the day honestly flew by, at prejudging I got 1st call outs which made me super happy, I didn’t know my placement, however I knew I was in the top 10… bring it to the night show where all the cameras/lights/action takes place, that’s where the fun began, the music was pumping, the crowd was filled, and the aura and just overall experience was purely enthralling! Being on that stage really made me happy!! As the finals progressed, I did not make top 5, I ended up placing 8th, however in my first pro show, I took that and smiled. Because I made it that far, I competed with the best of the best and got a chance to meet so many wonderful people. An experience I will treasure!

So far I have competed in a show almost once a year, and I have tried to keep that goal for me up; which brings me to the big 2016!! I am 15 weeks out from my 2nd pro show!, Started my training with Nathan Harewood who I am also super excited to be working with, I will be competing at the Worlds WBFF in Toronto, Canada ! This is the biggest show I have ever, DONE or even been to! I cannot wait to step on stage with so many wonderful competitors, I am eager to strut my stuff and make the best out of this experience. Paul and Allison Dillett have truly the best production in history when it comes to the WBFF and I am honored to be a part of it! We shall see what happens after August 27th.

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