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It was always my biggest goal to become a Professional Athlete. Since young I was into sports, and I have tried many of them. Triathlon, Handball, Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), Spinning ,etc... But it was in bodybuilding that I found my real passion. Since I work as a Personal trainer and Fitness instructor, it was easy for me to adapt myself with the discipline that this sport requires. And after doing my very 1st show, back in 2006 I knew I was born to be a Figure competitor.

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During prep, I am always worried about the amount of calories intake. Always measuring my meals and very restrict to certain foods. During off- season, I keep my meals the same but with more options and more carbs. It's a life style so I eat exactly the same food without doing carb cycling.

I am very lucky to say that all my diet plans had worked perfect. The only thing that has happened was, after doing shows back to back, my body started not responding to the diet. It needed a rest. It's something that we learn by competing many times.

My training program consists of lifting weights, cardio, some HIIT and plyos. During off-season I work heavier to build more muscles where I need to improve and during prep, I keep it lighter with high reps.

My diet plan is exactly what I need to eat in each season and has been working very well to my body. I bring all my meals with me where ever I go to make sure I follow the plan, but of course , in my off-season I allow myself to enjoy a good food sometimes, a good glass of wine and some goodies. By the way my weakness is chocolate. Especially when my 9 years old son asks me to have a cheat meal with him.

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One more thing we learn by competing many times is to build self- confidence. But of course I can hide it. At the first time I stepped on the stage, I was very nervous and shaking at the whole presentation and until today I still get a little nervous, but when I step on the stage it's magic. I feel gorgeous, I feel good about myself and very proud of my hard work and dedication, and it gives me the confidence I need to show my physique and let the judges see how much I enjoy being on stage and how much I love this sport.

In this 2017 season, my 1st year competing as a IFBB Pro, I've already done 4 Pro shows and I want to share with you my feelings about my 1st one, my amazing Pro Debut this past March in Hawaii. It was magic. Stepping on the Pro stage for the first time, and sharing the stage with some of my Figure inspirations was a dream coming true. I didn't know anybody, what to expect , how to act... so I let it be, and I lived every second of it with so much emotions in my heart and a big smile in my face. Everything was just perfect. From the check in to the finals and I could not wait for my next show.

I have 2 more shows ahead before I end my 2017 season. And after that my off-season will start. I need to improve my physique to compete next year and I am more than ready to do everything it takes to get to my best shape ever and fight for my biggest dream that is to step on the Olympia stage.

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Valesca Macedo
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