Vaiva Sharman - Figure Competitor

I havenít been lifting weights that long, just under 2 years. I started running outside in June 2014 as was a size 16 for too long in my 20ís so wanted to lose weight. After a month or so of running I decided to join the gym where I only did cardio and lots of classes like body combat, body pump and circuits. I also started kickboxing as was getting an absolute buzz from working out hard. I managed to get to a size 12 but then stopped. Admittedly, I wasnít following any strict diet, in fact, I was hardly eating at all and my choice of food was a mixture of healthy and unhealthy food. If Iím honest, I didnít know much about nutrition, as like most people I thought by doing lots of cardio and exercises Iíd lose weight and shape my body the way I wanted it to be.

After 6 months of sweaty cardio workouts my body just stopped losing weight. My work colleagueís brother and his business partner opened the new gym in town so he asked me to go and have a look round. He also introduced me, to my now husband, a pt who knew everything about nutrition and everything else as heís a bodybuilder himself and has been interested in human body and how things work for years. I decided to go and see him and have some pt sessions with him. From the first session I fell in love with the weights even though it was my leg session, and on the second day I had to roll out of my bed as the DOMS where really bad but I was buzzing!

September 2015 I went to watch and support my husband at a local bodybuilding show and was absolutely inspired! That day I told myself that next year it will be me on that stage. Thatís when I started training harder and more serious to get ready for my first competition.

My husband creates all my meal plans and my training programmes as he is my coach as well as my husband.

As it was my first ever year of competing I only started my off-season diet this week as I want to grow more muscle for next year. It is 6 meals a day (140g-160g of carbs, 170g-190g of protein and 30g-50g fats). My pre-contest diet was 1300 calories a day which was spread between 5 meals a day (50g of carbs only before training and after training, 160g of protein and 60g fats). I did find this diet most effective to lose weight and maintain the muscle. I did try Keto diet previously, containing only healthy fats and protein and only up to 30g of carbs per day which was great for getting lean but the muscle didnít really grow as well or hardly at all. My body seems to work a lot better with a bit more carbs.

It was very scary to step on the stage for the first time but I think all the glamour that goes with the competition for the girls, and me wanting to show off my hard work overcame my stage fear. Just wanted to show people that my hard work and determination has paid off and wanted to inspire others that if I can get up there so anyone else.

On my prep I was doing cardio every morning getting up at 6 am (it did help having a cross trainer at home) and doing a steady 40 min session. Then after work straight to the gym and lifting weights. I was training 6 days a week (cardio and weights). On my last 2 weeks before my last competition I was doing cardio in the morning and cardio after each weight training session. My weight training consisted of high reps lower weights. Now I am off-season I will do no cardio what so ever and will be lifting heavy to try and get my strength back. It will be low reps and heavy weights to get them muscles torn in order for them to grow bigger. I prep all my food in advance and take my pack ups to work so I donít miss any meals as I eat every 3 hours 6 times a day.

The standard of all the girls in my toned category was very high on my last contest. Even though I looked the best I ever have I did not place anywhere. But that gave me more determination to work harder on my off-season to get ready for next year.

All I can say the atmosphere on the stage, all the girls and the judges were amazing!!!! As it was my 5th competition I wasnít as nervous and just enjoyed myself. We had a great laugh with all of the girls backstage and I took loads of great memories with me. That made me want to carry on competing even more.

I am toned figure at the moment but would like to get to an athletic. I will be training very hard and push myself to my limits and see where it gets me. I have IBFA British finals next year so will be concentrating at looking my best for the day!!!! My goal is also to compete at NABBA qualifier in spring and hopefully get an invite to the British finals.


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