Trisha Baker - Figure Competitor

Tisha: I started competing in 2014 in the bikini division after supporting my husband through his first show the year before. It really inspired me to do it for myself after seeing what it did for his positive mindset and self confidence. I went on to do another show the following year in 2015 and am currently in prep for a new division in figure here in 10 weeks.

Off season I eat clean probably about 75% of the time. I have a lot more of what you would call cheat meals I guess with family, holidays, parties and what not. I like to live as normal as I possibly can without gaining a ton of weight that I'd have to later loose. I try to stay within 20 lbs of stage weight at my heaviest. My coach pretty much has me IIFYM using a strict food list he gives me consisting of clean foods, so I am using the protein sources, fat sources, carb sources that are listed. That way I can have a ton of different variety when it comes to making meals and I don't get tired, bored, or have any lack of nutritional needs.

I tried extreme carb cycling and it was too much for me to stick with. What I have learned from my coach is that women have a much smaller window gap when it comes to how much of a rise and fall you can withstand in carb cycling. In order not to either malnutrition yourself or over eat, the calorie range is tighter. It works great once you know how to do it, lol.

I lift 5-6 days a week, along with cardio 6 days a week at 10 weeks out. Yes I do HIIT, it is by far the most fat burning bang for your buck! I do fasted HIIT upon wakening, and then post work out. I match up my high, med, low carb days with my work outs. So my 1 high day I will be training legs. 4 medium days would be Back/Shoulders, Chest, Arms/Abs, another leg day (Quads/Calves). Low day= no training

I didn't really have to build any confidence at all. I have never been shy. The only issue I had was confidence in my posing and not screwing that up, which I did the first time terribly and then had to go back and redeem myself.

My last contest was absolutely fantastic! I had an abundance of positive energy, I looked great, felt great, had all my best people with me to support me. Everyone at the show was fantastic, I made a ton of friends that day. Pretty sure I added 220 friends on Facebook just that day from the show. It was an amazing experience, I couldn't have asked for more!

Trisha Baker

Future plans: I decided to switch divisions this year from bikini to figure, so this is gonna be my first attempt at it. I just learned the posing and bought my suit, so I'm super excited. I also have a client who has switched as well into figure and has been training hard since spring for it, I am super stoke for her! If I am lucky enough to qualify for nationals this first shot, I will certainly take on the challenge. My motto is "Go big or go home"!

Trisha Baker
"Personal trainer ' at Strength Beyond gym in Kalamazoo, MI 40997

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Trisha Baker