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Tracey Brisbin I have always enjoyed to workout. I really got into training when I recovered from surgery from Melanoma Stage 1. I was a sun worshiper. The cancer was on my abs and it was caught late. I had to have plastic surgery so that the scar wouldnít look so bad. I went into a deep depression. I got back to the gym and really started hitting the weights hard. My oldest son told someone by mistake that I wanted to compete. I think he was trying to make an excuse to why I was at the gym so much. Well, that person was my trainer and he took him serious. They next day I got a call from a posing coach. She told me she had heard good things about me and wanted to meet me about competing. I was shocked. I really thought I was too old. I met with her that Saturday and she talked me into it. It is crazy that my son started the ball rolling.

How does my diet change from off- season to pre-contest? I hate to call it a diet. I call it my meal plan. The word diet to me is so depressing. The most noticeable change I see from off to pre is that I can eat bread on occasion, pizza, chips and salsa. They all come with a price though. I can literally feel it the next day. My body knows when I am off. I ache after eating all that salt and flour products. Pre contest meals I have always enjoyed the most. My food is vibrant in colors and taste fresh. I love fish and vegetables! I always have people asking me if I starve to death during prep. My calorie intake is usually around the same as off season. My food is just a little cleaner.

The meal plan I find most effective to lose body fat and gain muscle is one based off macros. I get a meal plan from a nutritionist. I figure out how many macros I need and I use the app My fitness Pal to track meals. I feel that tracking everything I put in my mouth keeps me on track and it makes me feel more accountable. My meal plans are top heavy in protein with a ton of green vegetables, low in sugar and sodium, low in fat and about average in complex carbs. The one thing that helps me the most is Muscle Egg. I have to have 18 egg whites a day. The flavored egg whites are great. Muscle Egg cake batter with some oatmeal in it takes like an actual cake. The chocolate flavor Muscle Egg taste like a chocolate cake. They are incredible! I also have no dairy. A clean diet with no processed food has to be the best and most effective way to lose weight. I think you should always have more in the refrigerator than in your pantry. During the bulking cycle I stay around 2200 calories and prep around 1900 to 2000 calories. I get one good cheat meal a week. That would be pizza or tacos.

In the past I tried diet pills. I probably have tried everyone all there. I have also tried the cabbage soup diet and the juice diet. I have tried the heavy fat macro diet with low carbs. The best plan is a meal plan you can make to fit your life style and not one that you do for 30 days and all your problems are solved. Clean eating is the best. I once read an article Usher had written. He has amazing abs. Usher said in his article that he hardly ever worked his abs. They look the way they do because of the way he eats. CLEAN!

Your mindset has to be that you are on stage all the time and everyone is looking at you because they know youíre a fitness competitor. I try to walk around with my head and chest up so that I have the appearance of confidence. Iím pretty luck though. Every day of my life my mom has told me I am beautiful. I believe her. I could be the ugliest person alive and not know it. I also practice a lot it helps.

I usually lift weights 6 days a week. I teach cardio two nights and go to a boot camp on Sundays. I belong to Armour Training Team and am lucky to have a trainer that is invested in me. Hilario Amezcua. I do one muscle group a day followed up by abs. I balance training with my diet by making a high carb day or a cheat meal be the day I do the largest muscle group such as legs. I make sure I have protein within 15 minutes after I finish my work out. I find that doing abs while I watch the news is usually the best time for me. I tried to do early morning cardio but Iím not a morning person. I have noticed over the years that my body builds more muscle if I only do cardio 3 times a week. I always drink a gallon of water and drink my BCAAís.

I always have a good experience at contest. I think it is because I go in with a good attitude and I tell myself Iím going to have fun. Iím a talker and I enjoy meeting people. I come in prepared with my food, a blanket to sit on and my Iphone. I get there early so I donít feel rushed. Literally I become a social butterfly and go around talking to all the competitors. I donít look at them as competition because I am really competing against myself. I always feel easier on stage because I am surrounded by everyone who will at least listen to me or say hi!

I plan on doing Master Nationals and The North American Championships both are in Pittsburgh. I have some photo shoots coming up to prepare for as well. I am really hoping to get sponsored this year. I am pretty excited to see what the New Year brings me. I think I am more focused and dialed in the ever this year. I am pretty lucky to have a family that supports me and to be surrounded by friends who all love working out. Some people think I am addicted to the gym, I call it dedication!

Tracey Brisbin
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