Tina Chandler

I'd like to THANK YOU for your interest in what I do and how I do it on and off the stage, for this is not an exact science, and I know so many others are wondering how to master these things for themselves!! I have done a pretty good job of it, obviously, up until now, but I think I am still in the mastering phases.

Since my first bodybuilding show in 2004, my program for dieting has changed quite a bit. For the first two or three years, I dieted so that I never even knew what a cheat meal was..LOL. My carbs were always really low, with carb cycling like high, middle and low carbs days.. It was a hard road, In general, also because I was always trying to lose weight and muscle weight to enter the middleweight division. I still think that was a good decision, since I was able to turn pro in 3 simple years!

Tina Chandler.

However, when my format changed to giving me a cheat day once a week with my carbs low during that week, I noticed my body getting A LOT LEANER, A LOT FASTER!! ! I'd go 6 low carb days in a row like with the carbs maybe around 120-150... calories varying per year of added muscle 1500-2000... and I would have one whole day where each meal was planned as a refeed... I would enjoy pizza, bagels, granola bars, Italian dinners..my favorite Greek, you name it... just for that one day!! The next day was perfectly back on the diet, and I never really had a problem doing so, being that I had gotten some cravings out of my system. (Since my carbs were always so low during the week, my fats were relatively high.... a favorite recipe I came up with is a type of sauce that could be spread onto any food for a creamy texture and taste.... it sounds really weird.... but its simply any salsa 1 or 2 tbsp, 1 tbsp almond butter, stirred together and sprinkled with tarragon... let sit overnight so the favors strengthen!!! ).

To date, this has been my favorite plan and, seemingly, most effective. The only difference In this plan for the offseason is that during the week, my carbs and calories were a little more moderate and the cheat day also. A little less extreme. This is another reason I thoroughly enjoy this plan... because the format doesn't change year round, and I believe in this being a lifestyle and not a diet. The other diet seemed to lack some form of balance and I seemed to be healthier also on this one. My immune system seems to be a lot stronger from it too. Even though I was religious about taking my vitamins, then and now, it seems rare for me now to get sick during prep, which, I believe, happens often for competitors.

My training regimen has no tricks either. I have almost always stuck to a 5 day plan, and had my weekends free. Some off seasons I have done 4 days with one rest day in between. It worked really well because I was lifting really heavy and trying to gain some mass. I have always had two legs days per week as I feel females need extra attention for hamstrings and glutes.
4 days.
Mon- Legs.
Tues-Chest and bis.
(Wed rest)
Thurs- back
Fri- delts and tris w ham and glute specialization.

5 days (my most current and most usual plan)

When approaching shows I may add to 6 days..and this past year just kept going 7 days and took off when I felt I needed to... always depends on recovery level which is very important! I make sure to keep my glutamine in for that! I also always have about 25-45 grams whey isolate protein immediately following workouts!

I train with intensity year round. I don't really change too much. I lift heavy up to shows (with moderation, of course, to avoid injury) with drop sets at the end of each body part set in a workout... my reps range from 8-15/20... I always do really high reps warm ups of 30-50 reps just one or two sets before performing working sets. I have fun lifting! I try all kinds of things... I really like trying out new gyms and exploring different machines. There are so many ways to do the same thing that keeps it all fun and something to look forward to.

Teaching this to others has become a passion of mine!!! I really believe that eating a certain way as most competitors do, with 5-6 or so meals a day, should be viewed as normal as opposed to being a "bodybuilding diet"... I believe more people should adopt it and stop thinking they are "missing out" on what "normal" people have in their daily lives. Today the way most Americans structure their lives with food is NOT NORMAL for our bodies to endure and thrive on!! I feel we, as bodybuilders, have been our own guinea pigs for finding the real on what makes things optimal, and that WE should be the LEADERS in teaching these principles!!

With that said, I am very excited to mention that I, myself, and another Pro Bodybuilder, Zoa Linsey, have joined forces to go about tackling this issue with the rest of the world. It has been a joy getting to know her because we have discovered in each others spirit an unselfishness in sharing our knowledge to truly help others empower themselves with balance in diet and exercise. We have begun to offer seminars that are a one day, 6-7hr, covering complete nutrition AND training techniques and programs!
Members leave with a custom eating plan and training plan so as to either keep them going down the right path for their goals or to start them out on knowing what to do when they get to the gym AND the other 23 HOURS THAT COUNT WHEN NOT AT THE GYM!! We have been really successful so far and plan to spread the word world wide! We are currently in TEXAS, but are planning California and the UK this coming year.

You can also contact me directly at Tina@tinachandler.com. Feel free to contact me for personal training, consultation, contest prep, posing, modeling, etc. I've also recently been involved in television and am open to casting calls for commercials and films, etc. I recently filmed a Comcast commercial in LA. So keep a look out for that! I have been very involved with a number of projects like this, but this one has been the most exciting! I can say I have experience with so much and am willing to put myself in the spotlight so as to represent women's bodybuilding with class and femininity, so I may reach more and more people with my messages of living in balance!!

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