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After years of struggling with my weight, I made the decision that I wanted to be in the best shape of my life. So I decided to find a competition coach and get on stage. I met my coach through a friend; I trained with him for five months I lost 20 pounds gained muscle and went on to do my first show. I took 5th Place and knew then I was addicted. Since then I've done 5 shows one being Miami Nationals. Now I love it and I've dedicated my life helping others reach their fitness goals as well.

Diet and Training
Off-season I follow the 80/20 rule, which for me means 80% of my diet is very clean and 20% is a little of whatever (e.g. processed foods or eating at restaurant). During pre-contest which for me starts about 3 to 4 months before the event, I eat 99.9% clean. I slowly eliminate that 20% of the naughty food and really get focused on whole, real food. I use MyFitnessPal app to keep up with my calorie and macros. I use this app year round but I just increase the calories when off season. Counting my calories and monitoring my macro nutrients keeps me accountable so that I dont go too far off the mark during off-season. As far as what I have found most effective to lose or build, I usually just focus on eating clean to put on muscle in the off season and up my calories and carbs. However, I find intermittent fasting and eating clean to be very helpful when I am trying to cut for completion or if I am trying to lean out for the summer.

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I love to experiment with different eating plans and it really helps me when consulting with clients because I have experienced different styles of eating.
Every diet I tried has worked fairly well (as long as I followed it), however I found that the keto diet made me miserable. It is the diet where 60% of your diet is healthy fat, 25% protein and about 15% carbs therefore your body goes into ketosis and uses fat for energy. It worked as far as cutting fat but I just did not like the feeling of not eating carbs. I always had low energy and I followed the diet as written. From all the forums and research that I read, many people liked doing keto but I guess it just was not for me.

I have a competition trainer/coach and we lift together 3 times a week. The other days I lift alone. I do cardio about 3 times a week, most of it is interval training. I teach 2 classes of week which are a combination of high intensity cardio and resistance training so this helps add to my overall weekly workouts.

On Stage
Ironically, I was a quiet child the youngest of four girls, and never particularly liked the spotlight. So the idea of getting on stage and showing my body had never been anything that I thought I could do. But 4 years ago when the idea came to my mind, I just felt like I was getting older and had never worn a bikini, not even on the beach. So I just decided to jump and go for it with the idea of, what do I have to lose? I think working out and getting in shape really helped build my confidence which is why I fell in love with weight training and fitness in general.

The last show I did was November 2015, Miami Nationals. It was a great experience, I always feel nervous/excited when I go to the athlete check-in. By the time I get to prejudging, even though Im still a bit nervous, I really enjoy showing my body and muscles on stage. By the time I get to final judging in the evening Im totally comfortable and feel great because I know I did my best in the morning show. To me the best part of the show is being back stage, meeting the other girls, talking about other shows they have been in, learning where they are from and making new fitness friends.

I have started an online fitness business called BodyWealth & WellBeing (BWWB) in which I create training programs, give healthy eating consulting, give healthy lifestyle coaching and conduct fitness motivational speaking. So I am working hard to get that moving and marketing my services for this company. I plan to continue to compete, work in fitness modeling, and work to make BWWB a success and hopefully expand into clothing. I think most importantly this journey has made me realize how physically, mentally, and emotionally strong I am. I have also learned how many gifts that I have that could help others on their fitness and life journey.

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