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My name is Tiffany Dawn Davis and I am a 4th year NPC Figure Competitor. My competition career started off as a bet of sorts between my daughter and I. Weeks before my birthday, she commented, ďmom, you have a nice body but you arenít really in shape.Ē From that point forward, I hired a trainer and said game on! I began working out with my very first personal trainer from February to April in order to not only look good but to be healthy as well. After reaching my personal goal and winning the bet, my trainer suggested that I try doing a bikini competition.

So, in October of 2012 I entered the NPC Titans Grand Prix competition in the bikini division. I had absolutely no idea what competing was all about. No idea about dieting, proper training, posing or suit attire. I just jumped out there with my trainer and placed 9th. After the show, I was pulled to the side by one of the head judges and was given information about where to buy a proper suit and that I may want to consider Figure or Physique based on my body structure. Despite my feelings of defeat, my trainer reassured me of my potential and put me in contact with Charles L. White, a former professional bodybuilder; He had trained numerous women for various platforms in the competition industry. I began seriously training with Charles White in January of 2013 and have since competed and been successful in several shows. He is still my coach and trainer today.

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My competition resume is as follows:

NPC Tittans Grand Prix 2012- Bikini 9th place
NPC Grand Prix 2014 Figure 2nd place
Las Vegas USA Nationals 2014 - Figure 9th place
NPC Orange County 2014 - Figure 1st place
Las Vegas USA Nationals 2015 Figure
Los Angeles Championships 2016 - Figure 1st place
Las Vegas USA Nationals 2016- Figure 16th place

Generally speaking, the main difference between my diet in off-season and pre-contest is the amount of carbs I consume. Off-season consists of regular portioned meals and more leniency regarding the foods that I can eat. Pre-contest diet is very restricted and precise consisting mostly of high protein and low carb intake. In order to lose fat and gain muscle, this regimen has proven to be most successful. The key to cutting fat is to cut carbs and building muscle is highly dependent on protein consumption to feed muscle growth.

With regards to the effectiveness of diet plans, itís slightly difficult to answer this question because itís extensive with regards to the diet that I follow. However, there have been a few instances pre-contest where Iíve tried altering my diet in ways that I thought would yield better results such as ďcarbing upĒ differently or for a different amount of time or even choosing to not properly carb up out of fear of losing muscle visibility and definition. Whenever following a diet plan that has proven to be successful itís important to follow it precisely and if additions or alterations need to be made, I have learned itís best to allow my trainer to do the assessment.

Although it may come as a surprise, itís a lot more challenging than one may think to walk across a stage in front of a panel of judges who are analyzing, in detail, the adequacy of your body for the division you have entered. There are many things that have helped me gain confidence over the years when time to walk across the stage. The support and verbal encouragement of my trainer and daughter from the audience reminding me to ďsmile!Ē or ďkeep the quads flexed!Ē is a big influence. Being that I am a Christian, constantly remaining in conversation with Jesus while waiting for my number to be called helps to calm my nerves which also adds to the displayed confidence on stage. Lastly, self-reassurance plays a role as well. I remind myself that Iíve worked diligently and adhered to my diet in order to prepare my body for this day and so I walk out on stage knowing that I am prepared and have done my part so that I can leave the rest in the hands of the judges.

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My training program is a combination of cardio and strength training 6 days a week. Different days of the week are devoted to different muscle groups and each training session lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours. My training schedule is as follows: back and chest on Mondays, legs on Tuesdays, arms on Wednesdays, back and shoulders on Thursdays and legs again on Fridays. Saturdays vary depending on which muscle group I and my trainer think needs more attention following that weeks workout. I like to use the treadmill and elliptical as my primary cardio machines. Cardio goals consist of the amount of calories burned, not so much the amount of time spent on the machine, mileage etc. Cardio is about 4-5 times a week in which I aim to burn 500 calories per session.

Balancing training and diet can be very difficult but itís important to listen to your body and know how to react accordingly. This means, if I am low carbing for an upcoming show, I know that my body canít handle an hour of high speed cardio on the elliptical because minimal carbohydrates are remaining in my system. This is the time for slow burn cardio or fat burning cardio. Secondly, protein is key. Many people looking to build and maintain muscle slight their bodies of appropriate protein amounts without even knowing it. Itís important to remember that in order to get my body to respond to the hard work I put in at the gym, I must in addition to this feed my muscle if I want to see proper results. So, balancing training with my diet can be challenging at times but the balance is necessary and as I have learned to know my body and how my muscle responds to certain things it has gotten easier over time.

My most recent contest was the Las Vegas USA Nationals in July 2016. I was competing against a much larger number of girls than in my local shows and it was very clear to see that everyone had worked hard to prepare for this day. Athlete check in was swift but pre-judging is always the portion that gets me nervous. The nervousness is two-fold: on one end I was excited and anticipated the moment of walking on stage because of my preparation and desire to know the results. On the other end I was nervous because I was finally able to come face to face with my competition. The girls had prepared themselves just as strictly and dedicated as I had but there were only a select few of us that would receive winning spaces. This is the part where I leaned on my confidence building tactics as described above: Jesus and my support team! Finals were slightly saddening because I didnít walk away with my pro card that night but I was happy with my progression and improved placement success this year as well as the opportunity to see my future competition.

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Currently, I have been focusing more on my clients and their fitness needs/goals but, I plan to begin preparation for a competition in the upcoming months! If youíre interested in learning more about my journey or would like fitness and/or diet consulting please feel free to contact me via email: or direct message me on Instagram: @tbodyfitgal.

Best of luck on your fitness journey!

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