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Tiffany Chandler-
Pro Status 2011
Heavily competed 2011-2014 All top 10 placings
Injured Left ACL Knee surgery Nov. 2014 (third surgery on that knee)
Had my little baby girl in January 2016
Competed in Phoenix Pro October 2016
Invited to Arnold Classic placing 8th 2017

In 2010 I finished my Master’s at Troy University in Sports and Fitness Management. I worked for two years without a real “identity”. I was a college gymnast for 2 years at Auburn Univ. and then cheered for 3 years at Troy and danced on their Hip Hop Dance Team.

Once school was over and I moved to Daytona Beach Florida I had a hard time trying to find myself and what would make me happy again. I crossed paths with a few ladies who competed bikini and ended up with them at their gym meeting their coach in 2011 “BodySculpting Matassa” which is how I won my first 2 NPC shows and won my 1st National Show at Team Universe in 2011.

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I loved every minute of it. The years passed by and I was finally making it into the top 5, even placing 2nd behind my best friend Michelle Blank only 7 weeks after I got married at the Tampa Pro WOS 2013.

I received my first invite to the Arnold Classic Brazil in 2014 and things were taking off… until I got injured. I had actually been home for one week after filming an episode on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge (Season 2 episode 8) when I tore my ACL.

I knew I would be out the entire 2015 season with rehab and with it being my 3rd ACL surgery on the same knee my hamstrings in both legs were now weak from taking the fibers to replace my acl.

We decided to start a family and we introduced Stallings Everly to the world Jan 22, 2016. It was an emergency C-Section and wasn’t what I had hoped for with Labor but she is here and healthy and I had the best team of doctors to keep us both in good condition. I began training 8 weeks post baby to try and compete before 2016 was over. That was my goal. I took 5th place at the Phoenix Europa Pro show in Oct. 2016. When I received my invitation to the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio I cried happy tears. I want to promote women’s fitness all over the world and I want Mom’s to realize they can do anything they put their mind to and when they are healthy, they are happy, and when they are happy they can be the best mom to their children.


My off season prep doesn’t change too much to my in season prep. More calories and carbs of course are placed off season to help fuel my muscles because we currently want them to grow since I lost a lot of muscle from not being able to train as much during my pregnancy. Pre-contest dieting is the most fun because you can finally see the changes you’ve been making during the off season. I’ve found that my body works well with carbs… I have friends who do better with higher fat intake and low carbs, but my body feeds well with carbs and if I can make sure I take in the appropriate amount of water my body does amazing things!

I believe the one Diet Plan that didn’t do well for me involved extremely low calories and the carb cycling wasn’t enough of a drastic change to be affective on my body. I also do not care for water loading… where the water is never pulled out for contest… Using the restroom every 15 minutes because you’re putting 3-3.5 gallons of water in your system just wasn’t enjoyable for me.

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Self Confidence. I compete because I get to do a routine at the night show. That’s my reward and the most fun part. I cannot draw a picture to save my life but God gave me the talent to express myself through performance and I can paint the most beautiful picture through my expression and personality with each routine I perform. That’s my gift and I cherish it and use it to the fullest.

I am a nervous wreck on stage in the mornings for pre-judging… Posing feels better now but in the beginning was foreign to me and I always tried too hard. Being in a bikini is fun when you know you’ve put all the hard work into it so I feel like every woman should be confident to step on stage after months of preparation and hard work.

Some components of my training include Sprints, Cardio mainly on the Stairstepper, Lifting Daily depending on body part. The part of my body that needs the most work comes the day after I have a fatty protein dinner meal… so basically after my most calories. I try to train at night right now so I can take in more calories through the day. My metabolism is extremely fast so trying to train in the mornings with either a fasted state or only one meal in my system isn’t the best option for me.

Training and Diet go hand in hand. My coach sends me everything and I literally do exactly what she says. I let her know when I mess up or if something happens at work or with my child and I don’t get a meal in or I accidently run out of something. Catherine Holland Gorshe (my coach) is a new mom too so she understands what I am going through and applauds me for being able to diet and train at such a high level and still be a support wife with a full time job. I’ve learned that I cannot stress it. As long as I have my days planned on when I meal prep then Iknow I’m good to go and then I train once my little girl goes to bed or when I finish giving exams at my job. I just get it done… you can’t have excuses… that’s why not everyone is in this sport.

Arnold Classic 2017

Sharing my experience on stage at the Arnold Classic 2017 is the most rewarding and amazing experience. We flew into Columbus and had transportation from the airport to the Hilton. We were given an amazing Jacket by SIlverBack Crew to all the Fitness ladies when we checked in. There was a table of workers who would order your food or take you places if you needed to go somewhere. We had a beautiful hotel room with a wonderful “welcome basket” filled with all sorts of samples, shaker cups, magazines, and more.

Our competitor meeting was smooth and quick as we checked in and had the opportunity to listen to our leaders speak! We then had the Athlete Meet & Greet. I was stationed right next to Cedric MicMillan which immediately made me feel like a super star. We signed autographs took pictures and made great conversation with fans that adore and idolize us.

The morning of pre-judging we had escorts to the facility and they made a back way for us to enter the Expo. They parted the waters for us through thousands of people so we could stay focused and get to the pump up room. We laughed and enjoyed back stage and we had all the help in the world.. even when I thought I had lost my heels that I placed back stage and they were only moved over a spot LOL.

After making 2nd Call Out at one of the Largest shows in the Industry I was so excited for the night show.

WE were given plenty of time to use the stage and warm up and had a wonderful dressing room. We took pictures and videos back stage and supported each other as we performed. … When the lights came on and I heard my music all the nerves went away. The carpet was actually slippery..I’m assuming from the oil from the 212 and WPD competitors before us but I didn’t care. I was confident in my moves to make the best decisions as I performed.

My routine was great. To this moment I still feel like I had the best crowd reaction and engaged with them throughout my routine… even making the laugh in the final seconds with a little mix of “How bout dah” from the most recent Dr. Phil’s episode.

At the end of the night I finished 8th place… only a handful of points out of top 6. I never dreamed of being that close. I was following my calling and inspiring young moms and just so happened to shine so much that I finished better than expected.

It has fueled me to continue and to get better at each show I go to. I am learning new things each and every day and I am growing in wisdom. I am thankful for everything in my life and am blessed for these opportunities and the relationships I’ve gained through this industry.

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My future plans are to compete in June at the Miami Pro and the Chicago pro and then on to Tampa. I am still hoping for more Arnold invitations to arise like the Australia one however I had some things come up and couldn’t make the trip to the Land Down Under. I know I must be patient and trust the process for it will happen!

I have most recently started an online nutrition and training program and I am loving every minute of it! I hope it grows as well.

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