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I have been modeling in some form or another since I was a kid; I started off doing mall fashion shows in Ohio throughout my youth and also performed in dance recitals, I found I loved the stage and competing at a young age. I moved to Florida at the age of 20 to pursue modeling, acting and to attend college, I also got my personal training certification at this time as well. I booked several photoshoots, music videos, commercials, magazine ads and even had a couple extra parts in movies. I joined the USA Bikini Team and was competing/traveling with Hawaiian Tropic during my early 20s. I took some time away from modeling to focus 100% on school (I was Pre-Med) and on my personal training business. I also became a Vegan at age 27. I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Biology from FAU in December 2012.

Right around this time I was approached by some other vegan athletes who wanted to put together a Vegan Bodybuilding Team. I had been thinking about competing for some time and this was the perfect opportunity to make my debut. Fifteen vegan athletes from all over the country came together in July 2013 in Austin, Texas to compete in INBF Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique and Bikini divisions and we completely dominated the international show. It was an all natural show with drug testing, proving that vegans can not only be successful in this sport, but thrive! My first show I placed 3rd in Figure Division.

My diet doesn't really change from one to the other, depending on where my body is at and how much fat needs to go in a certain amount of time. I never cut out fruit or veggies no matter what, as we need the antioxidants and fiber to stay healthy during prep plus all the seasons. I have been continually playing with my meal plans over the past 3 years and have def found that 1. I have to take only 40-50 grams of fat in from 4 weeks out to 1 day out and 2. Carb Cycling is the best way to lose fat quickly without sacrificing your mind or energy levels. Women need a certain amount of fat to sustain important bodily functions but also you need fat to burn fat. With that said, I have always been one of those people who can eat tons of carbs but too much fat makes me fat, it's just my metabolism and how I train. Carbs are not the enemy, when used properly they can actually aid in muscle building and fat loss.

As far as calories, calories are just a by-product of your macros; it's more important to be taking in the correct amount of protein, fat and carbs each day rather than focusing on hitting a number of calories. However, it IS possible to take in too little calories, for example, you really should never be dipping below 1400-1500 calories per day, that is the bare minimum to ensure your body is utilizing and burning, not storing. I recently signed up with a fantastic protein powder called Clean Lean Protein, it has 87 calories, 0.5g fat, 0.5g carb, 21g protein and is free of all allergens, animal products and GMOs. If anyone visits my instagram page and clicks on the link in my bio they can receive 15% off any item PLUS free shipping! Enter promo code TIFFANY15 at checkout. It's delicious, I recommend it... and I get approached by companies all the time so I assure you it's legit!

I believe in a plants only diet all the time. I do online competition coaching and have had a lot of clients who competed as both omnivores and plants only athletes (after I transitioned them) and every single one felt more energy, better mentally and physically within 3 weeks of transitioning and throughout their entire prep. Plus you have a lesser chance of experiencing metabolic syndrome during the weeks post-show day. I will say that I personally learned from my first show that I need to cut out Tofu 4 weeks before show day.

Training: I am a huge fan of Super Sets and Compound Sets when lifting weights at the gym. I do fasted cardio for 20-30 mins 5-6 days a week when prepping for a show and also 20 mins cardio post-lifting a few times a week. My cardio varies from intervals on the stepmill to running outside on the beach. Sometimes I throw in Metabolic Workouts to change things up a bit, challenge my body in other aspects. When I'm 4-6 weeks out from a show, my carb cycling consists of two days consuming 100 grams of carbs followed by one day of consuming 200 grams of carbs, keeping that cycle going 2days/1 day all the way up to the day before the show.

Building self-confidence: Some people are born performers, others can be super timid and then know how to turn it on when the time is right, and others have to really work at the stage presence part. I have never had a problem with this, however, oddly enough at my 1st Figure Show I could feel my teeth chattering (even though no one could tell) cause I was really nervous and that day meant a tremendous amount to me. I think it's important for competitors to practice posing every single day and to practice being sexy to music that they love and strut around in their house, film themselves so others can watch and just find their inner performer. It's not for everyone but if you can't put on a good show for the judges then all that hard work was for nothing; you only have a few minutes to show off months & months of hard work.

As I mentioned before, posing is super important. When I first started out my posing was pretty awful LOL I didn't practice as much and really had a hard time grasping the whole "lat spread" pose... I ALWAYS got "1st Call Out" & ALWAYS received a 10 for Stage Presence but then my posing would fall apart leading to my only low score and I'd end up placing 3rd for my first two shows. While TOP 3 IS great, don't get me wrong, knowing you could have and should have had 1st place is a real let down. So practice your posing!! ;-)

Future plans: I've spent the past 2 years focusing on my competition clients but I will be hitting the stage again in 2017, making my NPC stage debut. Yay!

Instagram: Noexcusestrainer (business page)
Twitter: Tiffany_Burich

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