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Theresa: I first got started into competitions from working at a local gym! I was looking through magazines and was amazed at what these girls looked like. This all started back in the year 2001. I was told to see this guy in town that runs another gym bc that's all he did. So I did. and we went over things and my food and I was told I had to eat more! lol. I was like screw that there is no way you can eat more and get skinny so I said ill be in touch and I never went back. I started training myself at home and doing cardio at the gym learning everything I could from magazines and articles off the Internet. I ended up doing two shows on my own in 2007 then January of 2008 I ran into the same guy that was suppose to help me with shows. seven years later and I said I was ready! So we started training everyday for a show in my hometown and we have been together ever since. and that is where that started! My love grew for the sport which brought me into bodybuilding I love the training hard and getting big and the challenge to diet down...!

My diet changes from on and off season in many ways. I make sure I get enough protein in a day always! But I allow myself junk and ice cream and cake and different kinds of carbs. I add back in creamer and different condiments. so if I'm ordering pizza I'm making sure I have a shake or I eat chicken with it. My meals are not portioned out I guess. Then for on season weigh it all out. I write everything down from week to week. I weigh myself every morning and every night to see where my weights at. Diet wise everyone is diff. For me I found I can not have high fats with high to moderate carbs. I actually had to cut all fats out of my diet. My protein is extremely high and carbs are moderate. it's about keeping the metabolism high. I watch where and when I eat certain things in the day to make sure it won't sit on me

The fat in the diets destroy me and cause me to gain weight and hold on to water. Also having too many carbs I've learned does not work and cutting carbs out all together def didn't work. I also learned I can not eat fish it does nothing for me. This is all based on trial and error of doing many competitions. The body digests the food diff and utilizes it many diff ways with diff people and their genetic makeup.

I do not take weight loss supplements it's too tricky in the body on how it's going to react with your metabolism especially if you're already drinking and energy drink or coffee. too much of one thing makes your run 1,000mph and your burning calories you don't have ... instead I'll add in some mild cardio to get my metabolism running where it should be.

Weight training - I train six days a week one body part a day and legs are twice. I never go light except leg days occasionally. I always stay heavy to keep the size. When you weigh train with a contest diet sometimes your weight will drip bc of the calorie decrease you just stay as heavy as your body will let you go!

Future plans are to compete this year in the 2014 USA in Vegas July 26 to get my pro card. Then hopefully take the rest of the year off. and hit a pro show next year and drive for the Olympia! :)

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Theresa Ivancik

Theresa Ivancik