Tawnya Cline

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An update from Tawnya Cline - IPL Bikini Pro, IPL Evening Gown Pro, IPL Sports Model Pro, IPL Promoter and Judge.

March 2017

I am an IPL Judge and Promoter. As a professional competitor in 3 different divisions, as well as a promoter for very large shows, I have been around the industry for quite some time and have gone over the specs and guidelines for what the judging criteria is. I am currently the West Coach Posing Captain for Sports Models and Bikini. I added Sports Model Division to the IPL and it has been a lot of fun seeing the fun, creative side of the athletes.

Tawnya Cline

Tawnya Cline. Photo courtesy of Steven Trujillo.

I love to compete. I love the butterfly feelings I still get in my stomach before stepping on stage. I look forward to feedback so I have things to work towards for my next competition. I love to set goals, so that I can always improve and bring a better package. While competing is my passion, I enjoy judging. I believe it helps me become a better competitor and coach. With my competition back round, it helps me to give good feedback. It is a different feeling sitting behind the judges table and having some time to relax and see the opposite side of things. I like to give encouragement and help others relax and enjoy the moment. I always appreciate a judge giving eye contact and even smiling when I am on stage so I work hard at doing the same for the athletes. I have mad respect for the work that goes into that moment. I have been promoting since 2014 and continue to have rising numbers in athletes and spectators. I have found a federation that I truly believe in, so growing the numbers comes naturally.

As Editor in Chief for Natural Bikini Magazine: I have the opportunity to feature many great athlete of the International Physique League (IPL) where they share, success, limitations, obstacles, tips, recipes, you name it. I am currently coaching a team of over 50 athletes for my 2nd Annual, Tawnya Cline Natural Bikini Magazine Classic in Phoenix, May 28, 2017. My team “Smoothies and Blenderz” have had over sixty new Pro’s to date. We are all over the world actually, having a triple Pro in Tahiti. This was a vision of mine and something I am so honored to be a part of. Not only does the IPL have four magazines, they have a weekly talk radio show now. We have so much to share in Natural Bikini Magazine.

My clothing line Tawnya Cline Collection is doing amazing. I have added Scrunch Butt Leggings to the Variety cuts of Scrunch Butts, and Sports Bras. I am committed to spreading this collection all over the world. You can see everything about me and my clothing line at www.tawnyacline.com. I was determined to win the IPL end of the year Apex, last November in California for Masters Bikini, which I did. This qualifies me automatically for 2017 Apex. I will however, not let that be an easy in. I will work extra hard all year long to improve areas that didn’t have perfect scores, and I plan to compete as Pro in the Sports Model and Evening Gown Division there too. I currently hold Sports Model Pro Title in California and plan to defend that this year. I have four shows in the books and will hard to bring an even better package each time. I want to continue serving the community as a positive role model for all ages and build our team every day. It is my duty to help others feel beautiful in their own skin, and love even their flaws. They make us who we are and we are all unique!

Website: www.tawnyacline.com
Instagram @tawnyaclinebikinipro
Facebook: Tawnya Cline Bikini Pro

Thank you so much!!!

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