Taryn Stokes - Bikini Competitor

* 1st place in Open (B) and Novice (B) Bikini at the Phil Heath Classic 2017.

I first got into the fitness industry my last year in college. After receiving my Associates in Science I transferred to the University of Houston where I cheered and graduated with my Bachelors. Once cheer started to wrap up I wanted to get into better shape and I started lifting. Once I graduated I moved back to Dallas, Tx and Mansports reached out to me in regard to an Athlete Sponsorship. Working with them and having several friends that competed, I knew that I wanted to get into competing at some point.

Contest Prep

I am not a nutritionist and I am not a prep coach. I took a lot of time searching for a good prep coach and he manages my diet weekly depending on how my body responds to the food in my plan that week. I will use him year round because I do better with structure. So when my season is over he will still send me weekly food updates and I will continue to check in with him. Honestly, my coach feeds me well so I don’t think my off season diet will differ to much from my normal prep diet, but only he will be able to decide that. I trust in my coach and I follow his guidance no questions asked and I see results.

In the past when I first started working out, I have had people send me diet plans with 2 hours of cardio a day and all white fish meals with little carbs and it was miserable. My body was starving, had low energy, and I was extremely unhappy. This is what the majority of “coaches” do to their bikini athletes because they have no idea what they are doing.

The plan I am sent every week lists out that week’s diet, my cardio schedule, and any specifics on training like if he wants me working a certain body part multiple days a week. He sends over an initial training program as well with good exercises to incorporate. My cardio changes every week so some weeks I have fasted HIIT, some weeks I have post HIIT after my lift, some weeks I have steady state cardio either in the mornings or at night, and some weeks I have zero cardio. The hour or two I spend in the gym training is equally as important as the other 22-23 hours I spend outside of the gym with diet and supplementation intake. All of it matters and in order to achieve the results you want, you have to make sure you stay on top of both daily activity and what you feed your body.

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On Stage

Self-confidence to compete: I along with most other woman struggle with confidence all the time. Do I look good? Will I succeed? Will I trip on stage? Am I good enough to compete? The list of self-doubt could go on and on. Thankfully I am surrounded by a coach and teammates who provide support and encouragement when you’re feeling down or having bad day. I am truly blessed and lucky to be a part of such an incredible team and to be led by such a dynamic human being, my coach, David Schachterle. I was so nervous back stage before I walked out, like ridiculously nervous. But once they called my name it's show time and you just have to go out there and own the stage for the few seconds you get!

I just recently competed at the 2017 Phil Heath Classic and it was such a great experience. The NPC Staff were amazing. It was well ran and organized. Being in Bikini we are always last to go on so it was a long show but well worth it!

Deciding to compete is a big decision someone has to make not just physically but also mentally and financially. You can’t half way do the sport or you will never see results. So investing in the right coach, planning your meals around work or school, your training schedule, preparing to lose some friends and parts of your social life because most people will not understand the life, mentally challenging yourself to stick to a plan 100% and not giving into the temptations of food or alcohol or not wanting to go to the gym that night…the list goes on and on in regard to how competing and being an athlete impacts your life. That is why you truly have to love the grind of the sport or else you will get overwhelmed with trying to properly balance everything.

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Future plans involve prepping for Team U that is coming up at the end of June. Other than that it is a TBC because I only focus on one leg of the journey at a time or I will get overwhelmed. No matter where my fitness journey takes me, I know that I have the best Sponsor, the best Coach, and the best team next to me. God has blessed me that is for sure.

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Competition Prep e-Books

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