Tara Green - Powerlifter Interview

Author: Jonathan. L, owner - Models Observer
September 2017

1. Tara, how and why did you start Powerlifting?

Tara: I started powerlifting in 2010 after training bodybuilding on my own since I was 15 with pretty good results based on my limited knowledge at the time. In 2010 I wanted to learn the Olympic lifts so went to a new local facility that trained athletes. After being there for a few sessions they convinced me to give powerlifting a try because I had great strength potential.

Last lower body day before the #pgironore and needed to do some qualifying videos for Worlds Strongest Woman. This is total deadlift tonnage in 30secs. Went with 295 and managed 15 reps Got exactly what I wanted while in a very weak state. #nomachines #alwayson #xconditioning #science #findyourstrength #physique #powerlifting #changes #jackedandtanned #huge #strength #comingforyou #power #fitfam #fitness #fitlife #health #eattowin #whateverittakes #neverdone #noexcuses #lifting #alwaysgettingbetter #notafraidtofail #diesel #theironmecca #taragreenwebber #femalemuscle #giveaway @musclegirlsclub_ @muscular.girls @muscle_girls_power @musclegirlvids @uberfemalemuscle @bcabbaonline

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2. Would you mind telling everyone your personal best 1 repetition maximum (1RM) in the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift?

Tara: My best lifts using lifting gear (assisted lifting) are 640lb squat, 385lb bench and 512lb deadlift which were all done at a World or invitational meet. My best Raw lifts are 463lb squat, 280lb bench and 470lb deadlift.

I am currently or recently ranked on thepowerliftingwatch.com all time top 20 rankings in the 165lb and 181lb classes. Both Raw and assisted.

3. What is your powerlifting routine and nutrition like?

Tara: My lifting follows conjugate periodization on a four day per week schedule. I have two lower body and two upper body days per week. One of each being a heavy or max effort day and one speed day. I will max out on an upper and lower body exercise every week and then move on to supplemental and assistance exercises.

As far as nutrition people might be surprised to hear I follow a very strict almost bodybuilding type diet. I count all my macros and feed my body exactly what it needs to perform at its best. This is a very important part of my success.

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4. How important is technique when it comes to the squat, bench, and deadlift?

Tara: Technique is very important to all three lift. Proper technique will reduce the risk for injury and help you lift the most weight possible. I have a team that I train with who are constantly correcting my technique because the better you get at lifting the more important the little things become. Powerlifting is full of people with poor fundamental technique that do one meet then start coaching others which creates a ripple effect with poor technique. One thing new lifters who are looking for a coach should do is properly vet their coach. check their competitive history, world ranking, successful lifters they have train to the top ect. If your coach hasn't accomplished great things in their career then it's probably a good idea to look elsewhere.

5. Please share experiences from a recent meet.

Tara: My favorite meets are always the big invitationals. I've been to the XPC twice at the Arnold Sports Festival and these meets are fantastic. The atmosphere is electric with the best lifters in the world in attendance and a crazy crowd. One of the best things about big powerlifting meets is the support lifters give to each other. Even is you're competing directly against a lifter you are both supporting each other.

6. What does strength mean to you, and why is being strong so important?

Tara: I have always liked being strong. Even when I was a little kid I always wanted to lift things and think I was seeing my muscles grow. Being strong now is both a physical feeling as well as a mental challenge. I love the journey to getting and being strong perhaps more than the competition to show that strength. The mental toughness to train at your absolute best all the time and to stay focused on proper diet is probably a greater display of how strong you are than the weights you lift.

Strength is the way I live all aspects of my life but in different ways so you could say it's one of the most important things to me.

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7. Were you always very strong?

Tara: Since I was young in school I always competed against the boys because I was so strong for a girl, now I'm stronger than most men.

8. Would you define powerlifting as a mainstream sport?

Tara: Powerlifting is definitely not a mainstream sport yet but I believe it's on the right path to get there. With the popularity of raw lifting the sport has really taken off.

9. What would you say to a novice lifter or to a lifter who's just starting out in powerlifting?

Tara: For a novice lifter the best advice is work on the basics and build a large solid base of strength. Focus on big movements with good form and work on your weaknesses. Don't do a complicated program or follow some internet trainer. There is a lot of good basic info out there if you look for it.

10. What are your goals and when is your next meet?

Tara: My short term goals are my first Physique show Sept 2017 and then onto Worlds Strongest Woman in Dec 2017. After that it's back to powerlifting and I'll be doing a yet to be announced meet in Canada which could prove to be the biggest meet even in Canada. It's a meet we will be hosting in British Columbia, Canada May 2018.
At this meet I'll be going for a 700lb squat, 400lb bench press and 525lb deadlift.

Feeling crappy today so stuck with a few assistance exercises and kept it light. Here are some bottom half piston stiffs with 120lb dbs for a set of 50. Lots of time under tension. Lol #ironmecca #alwayson #xconditioning #science #findyourstrength #physique #powerlifting #changes #jackedandtanned #huge #strength #comingforyou #power #fitfam #fitness #fitlife #health #eattowin #whateverittakes #neverdone #noexcuses #lifting #alwaysgettingbetter #notafraidtofail #diesel #theironmecca #halfdays @girlswhopowerlift @girlswholift @bcabbaonline @uberfemalemuscle

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Contact info:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/taragreenwebber
email: skstrength@yahoo.ca

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