Tara Ebejer - Professional Natural Bodybuilder

Tara: I used to be a marathon runner and broke my ankle in 2011. I was having a difficult time running afterwards; my ankle couldn’t handle the pounding, so a friend suggested that I try bodybuilding. I took on the challenge and entered in blindly having no idea what to expect. I really had no clue what I was doing. I thought I would do one show and be done. My first competition was March 2012 and I haven’t stopped – I am hooked. After that first show I started working with a coach, Eric Helms with 3DMJ.com and a trainer, Anthony Vorachak. Since then I have earned 2 pro cards; DFAC and IFPA. These two men continue to educate me, guide me and push me– it’s a team effort!

Eric Helms runs my nutrition. I follow the rule IIFYM – if it fits your macros. I track my macros which are carbs, protein and fat. So many people ask me what macros are!?! During the off-season I get a lot more carbs and fat, my protein never changes. During show prep my carbs and fat slowly decreases. The lowest I ever got was 150g protein, 90g carbs and 20g fat. I love the IIFYM rule because I get to plan my meals and eat a good variety of different foods. If I am craving something I can make it happen so I am not deprived. For me, it is better mentally to know that you can select what you want to eat as long as you keep it within the macros.

The best way to gain muscle is to have a good off-season. Get your food in-take up, train hard and build!

The diet during my first show prep was horrible. It was a set menu from another bodybuilder and I basically ate the same thing day after day. The diet had a lot of fish, which I like but not for breakfast. I wasn’t allowed bread and many other things that I love and eat now daily. The redundancy of that diet made me so miserable that I had a hard time even eating towards the end of it. I like being able to pick my own menu!

I don’t believe in weight loss supplements and never take them. It takes 100% dedication to nutrition and training to achieve your goals – there is no magical supplement. The only supplements I take are BCAA’s, creatine, multi-vitamin and fish oils. Abs are built in the kitchen, not through a pill.

I always lift as heavy as possible while maintaining good form. I hit every body part twice during the week. One round of strength; so 3-5 reps max and then another day hitting that body part for hypertrophy; so reps of 10-15. I work hard like this for 3 weeks and then have a deload week on the 4th week.

I plan my meals (macros) around my workouts; I make sure I have a good pre and post workout meal. Pre workout I want to get in a lot of carbs for energy and post workout I want it all for recovery, carbs, protein and fat. Once I plan those macros out then I can plan my meals for the rest of the day. I spend more time in the kitchen then in the gym for sure!

Goals: I just started another prep for shows in Fall of 2014. I have 3-4 different shows selected from October through November. I have some upcoming ideas to expand my website, www.taraebejer.com. I plan on taking 2015 off and trying a powerlift meet. All exciting things in the future for sure!!

Tara Ebejer, NASM-CPT, CES
DFAC & IFPA Professional Natural Bodybuilder
River Valley Club Personal Trainer
33 Morgan Drive, Lebanon, NH 03766

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