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An update from Tammy
March 2017

Since I am no longer actually competing, but still very active within The WBFF coaching, promoting, judging and running WBFF shows in Oklahoma and Texas, I have a totally new perspective and feelings about each show.
I have discovered that the many hours and hours of planning a show then actually bringing it to life are sometimes tedious and grueling. Then come time for registration and athletes meeting, more stressors can arise that were unforeseen.
I try not to let anything get in the way of making each competitor feel at ease and AMAZING from the time they arrive at the host hotel. I know first hand as a previous competitor how stressful it can be when the show isn't running on time and/or isn't going smoothly. As a result I make it a priority to help the competitors to feel at ease and just remind them to have fun. All the hard work and prep has been done, now it's their moment to shine!! If they feel little to no stress, then I am happy! No matter what chaos may arise behind the scenes, as long as the competitors don't see or feel it, then SUCCESS!!
I want the competitors to enjoy every moment. The tanning, the Makeup & Hair, getting to meet people, and then stepping on stage to take their hard earned moment to strut their stuff while feeling like a million bucks!!

As far as personal prep through the years my diet and training has changed tremendously. I competed for over 25 years (I'm telling my age here) and done over 35 shows with several organizations. Each and every prep I learned more about myself and what worked for me at the time and for which show/competition I was doing and the "look" they wanted. I remember when before I knew better I kept my calories/carbs/fats so low I'm not sure how I survived! Especially when at the time I was doing the full two minute fitness routine with gymnastics, dancing and strength moves. That was just the "old school" bodybuilding diets way back when.
Now I incorporate more healthy fats and carbs and train smarter not harder. But, each and every time our bodies will adapt and change differently with each prep, so be willing and ready to make adjustments. No prep is ever the same.

Competition prep is definitely not for the faint of heart or weak minded. It takes hours, days, weeks, months of preparation and discipline. This means giving up most social life and adhering to a well mapped out plan. The challenges differ for each person, but everyone has their "issues" to contend with. Sometimes family and friends will be lost just because they can't truly understand the life of a competitor. It's just like anything else in life worth having, it takes sacrifice, hard work, and discipline to actually begin a prep and make it all the way to the stage. So many start and then realize just how hard it is and decide it's just too much. My philosophy has always been once I commit to a certain show, I get my registration fee paid, suits, shoes, costumes & everything else booked so I am truly invested in that show. Then come hell or high water I WILL complete and compete!

My future plans are to continue coaching and developing my Team BSH (WBFF TEAM OF THE YEAR)! I love coaching and mentoring amateurs and pros to help them achieve success. I will host several WBFF seminars and prep camps. I will also be promoting and directing several WBFF shows in Texas and Oklahoma. I plan to keep involved and pushing my personal fitness, by continuing to do photo shoots and write more articles during the year.

I have lived this lifestyle my entire life (since gymnastics in grade school) staying fit and athletic and healthy. I will be 48 this year, and I hope that I can continue to inspire people to be healthy and fit and follow your dreams no matter what your age or when you get started!!

Tammy Streich WBFF Pro
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