Tammie Rose-Swyers - Figure Competitor

Tammie: I began competing in 2004, I have always enjoyed working out, and after my first child (Kyle) I decided to become a certified trainer at 24 hour fitness. While training, I had a gentleman name Bob Spaudling ask me if I had ever thought about competing, I had often thought about it, but knew that it was a very expensive sport and at the time I was a single parent. Bob offered to train me every day for free if I would compete in the Lincoln City Competition, now the Pacific Coast and the rest is history.

I eat pretty clean all year round; off season I will indulge a little bit more with sauces and will have the occasional sweet treat and a lovely glass of red wine. When itís contest time diet is very strict, no alcohol at all, no dairy, I tend to use very little sauces, I cut out all protein drinks and nothing I eat is processed, whole foods only, as well as everything is weighed out and I eat everything two to three hours like clockwork. The most effective diet for me is 175 grams of protein, 150 of carbs and all my fat comes from my meat. I find that if I lower my carbs or my water intake, I become very flat, so I am one of the lucky ones who get to keep carbs high throughout the diet process.

I have yet to try a diet plan that has failed for me, again the only thing that does not work for my body is lower my carbs. My diets have always been high protein, high carbs, lots of water and not a lot of cardio.

For me, best weight loss supplement is Lipo 6 and BPI Sports 1MR Vortex. When I am in building phase, I do not take any kind of fat burner, just a pre work out drink for energy. When I am in diet phase, I will drink the pre work out drink 30 minutes before my workout, and then I will take a Lipo 6 after I eat breakfast and another before lunch. I canít take anything after 2:00 pm or I will be up all night long.

I try to mix my weight training up, never doing the same routine twice and always rotating what body part to work, when not building for a show, reps usually are about 12 to 15. When building for a show, I train very, very heavy; usually four sets with reps of 10, even when I start to diet down, I will still lift very heavy until show time. Because I lift very heavy, I usually will hit a body part a week; legs are always twice a week, one focusing on quads and the other focusing on the booty. My diet pretty much stays the same so balancing diet with weights never changes, it is with the utmost importance to EAT at least every two to three hours and have at least 25 to 30 grams of protein per each meal. As far as carbs on and off season I try to stay with the basics rice, red potatoes, sweet potatoes and oatmeal.

Future plans. Right now I plan on getting back into the personal training as well as looking into collaborating with a friend on making competition suits. My next show is going to be Seven Feathers if I can put some size on my quads and lats. I would also like to do a National show in the future.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tammie.rose.50

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