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I started competing in 2010. My start resulted from a heartbreak which was one of my motivational reasons to get started. I was also invited to watch a national level competition, @musclecontest USA 2008, saw the female competitors and they sparked my interest in the sport. Their physiques were unbelievable and I knew I wanted to reach the same level.

My off season to pre-contest nutrition programs have varied greatly over the years as I have learned how to become more disciplined and educated myself over the years of my involvement in the sport. In the beginning my mentality was that post show I was returning back to regular life which included anything I wished to eat including drinking alcohol and partying. I later learned that the off season is where you really build and make gains resulting in changes that become visible during your pre-contest prep. I slowly over the 8 years of competing have gotten better at becoming discipline in my off season diet and training. In general I slowly increase my carb intake and fat intake and decrease protein intake slightly until I balance out at a steady weight while still training just as hard but reducing cardio regimen.

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Tamara Haddad. Upholds the feminine standard of beauty, fitness and health.

Every body is different when it comes to most effective weight loss or building muscle in regards to nutrition. Personally for my body, a low fat, low carb, high lean protein diet is most effective in my weight loss. A higher carb, low to medium fat intake, high protein diet is effective for my muscle building stages. But all of my nutrition directly corresponds with my training style as well.

I tried a diet that was a little more balanced in fats and carbs and it didn't bring me in as tight and dry as I needed to be in regards to competition. I feel that my body was still immature in muscle density at the time so that was one reason it wasn't as effective. Also feel my body doesn't respond well to fats. The more fat I use the more fat my body seems to retain.

I lift about 5 days a week and do cardio daily during my on season. In my off season, I rest 1 to 2 days in the week but keep my cardio intensity around the same level (but decreased in length). My favorite cardio is the stair mill as there are certain ways house it to target hamstring and glutes. So you are toning that area of the body while getting your cardiovascular activity in. But I switch it up when I feel like it. I train intrinsically. There is a general structure but I will go with my feeling that day as to what I train, the intensity and length I train. I believe in listening to the body. Same in regards to nutrition. I eat when I am hungry. I stick with lean proteins, center carbs around my lifts and keep my fats lower. But my body changes every year and after every competition so I alter my training and nutrition habits depend on how I feel my body is reacting to my current regiment at the time.

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The stuff champions are made of.

I have spent countless hours on my posing practice with coaches and alone throughout the years to perfect my posing technique and stage presentation. In the beginning of my competition life I would go watch each local bodybuilding show to study the bikini athletes posing. The standard and requirements have changed drastically since I first started watching the sport in 2008. I watched the athletes I admired closely and studied their movements from foot placement to facial expressions. I also did a lot of prayer and meditation time/breathing exercises to build my ability to pose well under the stressful circumstance of being on stage at the physical level we are in that day. Learning to love myself to the fullest has helped me pose my best.

My most recent competition was 4 weeks ago, Muscle Contest, Fit World 2017. During athlete check in I always have an anxious feeling, and go through periods of excitement then exhaustion. But it's always fun to finally get there and know that the next day will be the final day. I always go n very confident to my competitions but I am also realistic. I know when my body is at its best and when it's not. This time it was one of my best looks and so I felt extremely confident yet open and comfortable with wherever I placed. I believe if you know you are a champion because you put every effort in your preparation and left nothing undone then you should feel like one that day and that kind of attitude shines on stage. I placed 2nd out of 26 amazing IFBB pro athletes that day and I felt very proud of my work.

My next competitions are coming up quick. I will be competing in June 3rd in the Sacramento Gov Cup then I plan to do the Patriots in Las Vegas. My goal is to re-qualify for the Olympia 2017 this September by winning first place at an IFBB Pro Bikini Competition. I know I will be there because I believe in myself and my will to do the work. In between prepping for my competitions I manage my own bikini competitors and prep them for their competitions through out the year, as well as working with my online Training and Nutrition Lifestyle clientele. I also am very busy coaching bikini competitors with their posing technique and stage presentation. I offer personal training as well.

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