Susan Price - Bikini Competitor

* Prestige Crystal Cup Bikini Champion 2017

Susan: I started training for my 1st show September 2016 for the NPC DIAMOND CLASSIC which took place a Olympic Heights High School, where I placed
1st place Bikini over 40
1st place True Bikini Novice
2nd place Bikini novice class B
5th place Bikini class B

I went immediately into training for the 2017 Prestige Crystal Cup July 29th. I knew I had to put in a lot more work, this 3 months of training was very intense and my diet was very clean, protein, lots of green vegetables, good carbs which I monitor what time of the day I do my carb intake in order for me to get the results exactly what I wanted and my body to look it's best for this show.


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I did very well on this show. I took:
1st place bikini over 35
1st place bikini over 40
1st place Bikini novice class B
1st place Bikini class B
Overall bikini masters champion
Overall bikini novice champion
Overall bikini open champion

I have to say to be successful at this sport it takes serious determination, discipline, and consistency, you have to really want it. You have to be able to endure all the aches and pains that comes with rigorous training...I've taken many Epsom salt baths.
Also giving up on my favorite foods, but every time I think about how bad I wanna be the best I can be is it's worth every food I have to give and remember it's not forever.

Being an Athlete has really shown me I can do anything as long as really want it. I've had people criticise how am skinny or too muscular but that also did not affect me. You can't please everybody, I know who I am, it's my choice to be a part of this sport and I've made new friends throughout this journey, so for me this is awesome. I feel strong, healthy, motivated and very determined to keep going. I like a good challenge and this is it for me.

I woke up like this!!

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I had to dedicate and commit myself 100% to accomplish my goals...this is not the end for me, am back in training and looking forward to compete for a pro card.

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