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Stella: I manage a health club and one of my former employees thought it would be a good idea to compete together. I began prepping for first show January 2013 and competed in my first NPC show May 2013. I stepped on stage and got my butt handed to me, I did 4 shows my first year not realizing that I was nationally qualified. I regrouped in 2014 and planned my whole season around nationals, in 2016 my entire season was comprised of national shows, I was bound and determined to earn my IFBB pro card. That national journey was a real struggle. Coming from a 9th place finish and having to book my flight moments after stepping off stage to return again for my shot at a my pro card. When they announced my name I was in such disbelief I cried.

My diet pretty much stays the same I just add about 1000 calories which is very difficult because I'm in contest prep 6 months out of the year. This past off season I actually manage to pick up 20 lbs of water, fat and hopefully muscle, and for someone with my physique I can use all the extra lbs just to get through my heavy lifting schedule.

Since the begin I never had a problem with weight loss, my struggle is gaining full looking muscle. In the beginning I would dry out, cut carbs, eat less, etc and I was left with a physique that looked lifeless. After 3 years I have finally figured out that timing of my food intake is key, 4-6 weeks out from a show, I pretend that every Saturday was show day. I try to focus on how certain foods respond to my body during certain times of the day, My meal prep volumn is about the same, water intake increased, and my carb choices are the same as well. I am so happy with my prep coaches. Together we figured out what the heck was going on with my physique.

My biggest struggle was perfecting food intake prior to a show day. I never had enough mass to worry about the cookie cutter peak weeks. So no more cutting carbs, pulling water, drying out etc. This is bikini and these diet tricks are meant for the larger muscular divisions or for those who are trying to make quick adjustments prior to show. all it did for me was make me look super skinny and lifeless.

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I am so blessed that my body responds naturally to training, some muscle groups better than others. Currently my lifting schedule has been going as heavy as I can for 12-15 reps. Cardio is semi intense interval training. Because I have been doing this for over 3 years straight it's hard to imagine diet without training. Balancing training and diet is merely me making sure I bring enough food with me every where they I go, and training I begin every morning with an intense workout.

Standing 5'9" in the 7th grade I wasn't the prettiest or even the most confident in my appearance, but I was the very athletic and all my athletic successes gave me the confidence to perform under pressure. After collegiate sports, I did a little modeling, entered a few bikini contest, I'm my mid twenties I finally came out of my tomboy shell. I actually go into character while on stage, my posing client may believe that I walk around in life like I do on stage but it's the complete opposite. I am still a big ole tomboy who hates wearing make up and getting all dolled up.

I have competed twice this year. Fit Con's Salt City Showdown in Utah, and the Eastern Seaboard Pro in Atlanta Ga. Because I am a new pro and I look completely different on stage, I try to check in quietly and a little unassuming. As hard as it was for me to earn my pro card, I am finding new challenges as a new pro. I'm competing with ladies that are 10-20 years younger, beautiful ladies who are 4-5 inches shorter, and frankly they don't look anything like me. In every single event as a pro I place last or near last, it so difficult because I am so competitive, I have learned to except that it may not be in the cards for this ole girl to be on stage at Olympia 2017.

I'm preparing for The NorCal Pro June 4th 2016 in Sacramento. My career is in the health club management, and I also started a posing business called Power Stance Posing. I plan to host a series of private sessions and clinics in the here in the bay area this summer, I love teaching others how to feel and look great on stage, and it feels great knowing that there are others who like my stage presence. I have some of the most amazing fans, followers, and supporters. I'm currently supported by
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