Update after 2017 Governor's Cup

The 2017 IFBB Governors Cup was an incredible experience. Every contest and contest prep is different they are each unique in their own way. The Governorís Cup to date has been one of the best shows and experiences in my career. As this was only my second Pro show I was excited to meet many of the competitors at check-ins. There were many Figure pro athletes that had been an ongoing inspiration to me on my journey to becoming a Pro Athlete. I was excited to finally meet them and more importantly stand among these incredible women on stage. As expected everyone was kind and welcoming.

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I was looking forward to prejudging as I had made a lot of improvements in my off season and was eager to see how I compared to some of the best athletes in the industry. I had come with goals in mind and felt more at ease and prepared than any other show. I had goals I wanted to achieve in call outs but most importantly was gaining experience and knowledge on the Pro stage. As I went on stage I felt confident in my individual presentation and posing, I was excited to receive 1st call outs in Masters and 2nd call outs in open. Comparisons went well and it felt great to be back on stage.

I keep pretty low key between prejudging and finals, I like to chill and relax back in my room until finals. We were able to do our presentation again at finals and then it was time for awards. I was so honored and happy to receive a 4th place awarding in Masters and a 10th overall in the Open. I received very good feedback from the head judge and am currently making improvements!

Contest Prep

My diet stays consistent during off season and contest prep. I eat clean during off season as this is a lifestyle for me. Yes, I do indulge in a few treats every now and then and am a little more flexible on off season but I like being consistent in my everyday diet. Not only do I feel healthier by being consistent but Iím able to keep leaner making contest prep run smooth. My carbohydrate and fat intake are the two things that change most during contest prep and to be honest those donít change a whole lot until the last 4 weeks of prep.

My training stays intense year round. There is no off season when it comes to training its ďimprovement seasonĒ and its game on every day. Iíve told my coach Shane Heugly Iím more of a work horse than show pony! I LOVE lifting weightsÖ I give every workout 110% leaving no regrets. I set goals each workout and often have butterflies before I lift knowing what I want to achieve that day. I lift shoulders twice a week, back twice a week, quads, hammies and glutes once a week and triís, biís and chest once a week. I usually split my quads and hamstring days up. I lift to failure but alwaysÖ alwaysÖ am aware of my form. I do more CARDIO when Iím in contest prep than improvement season.

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This past prep for Governors Cup has actually been a smooth prep. I believe that staying consistent in my off season has made a big impact on contest prep. Itís a great feeling to be able to change a few minor things in diet and cardio and have your body react so well. I know that each contest prep is different and I wonít take this one for granite, it only makes me want to work harder towards the next prep!

Iím excited to be working on improvements to my physique in the upcoming months and plan on doing a few more shows in 2017. Nothing is set in stone as far as what Iíll be doing next but you can count on seeing me on stage a few more times this year.

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