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My name is Stacie Gladwell and Iíve recently become an IFBB Figure Pro. I have been competing since the spring of 2013. Iíve always lead an active lifestyle, I was an avid runner and did all the classes at my local gym. I decided to hire a personal trainer to teach me the weight room and how to lift. I didnít realize I had hired a coach for competition prep. Needless to say I learned the weight room myself and followed the diet of my coach at that time and entered my first competition a short 12 weeks later. I ended up with 2 first placings a love for the stage and a desire to become better. I had found a sport that I didnít even know existed prior to this, and I was hooked!

My diet is very consistent, I like to keep lean on my offseason. I have chosen to live a healthy, fit lifestyle so my meals off season and prep season are very similar. I was blessed to find my coach Shane Heughly who I could communicate my needs and lifestyle with. With his knowledge he was able to create the perfect meal plan for my busy life and my body type. I have worked with the same diet consistently for the past few years. Of course there are some tweaks here or there but overall it has remained consistent. My portions do change as I go into prep as I will lower my carb intake and fat intake. Typically, Iím on a high protein, moderate carb, moderate Ė low fat diet on my off season with the occasional ďcheat mealĒ. My everyday go to foods are: egg whites, chicken, oats, brown rice and peanut butter, as long as I have those on hand Iím set.

I have not always had the confidence out on stage as I do now. I started as a bikini competitor and after 2 seasons of struggling through posing I started working on my Figure physique. The first time I stepped on stage as a figure competitor I felt a whole new confidence. I had never felt so sure of myself or so relaxed on stage. I found my nitch in the fitness world and it made all the difference in my confidence. I loved being able to present the hard work that I put in and it showed on stage. I was able to get my pro card on my 3rd Figure competition at Universe.

I typically strength train 6 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week. On the 7th day I like to cross train and do some hiking or biking with my family. I always lift heavy, on or off season, I train one body part a day focusing on mind muscle connection and taking that muscle group to failure. I rotate different muscle groups throughout the week. If I do have a body part that is lagging or I want to build up I will focus on that area more throughout the week. Depending on my current goals my training changes.
Sunday - Cross Train
Monday Ė Back/Biís
Tuesday Ė Shoulders/Triís
Wednesday Ė Legís
Thursday Ė Back
Friday- Shoulders
Saturday Ė Glutes

I recently competed in the Pittsburgh Master Pro show. As it was my pro debut I was excited and nervous as I didnít know what to expect. I was use to traveling with teammates and always had friends that were competing also. I think the reality of becoming a pro athlete hit me as I walked into check-ins. It was an emotional and proud moment. I couldnít believe I was going to share the stage with such amazing athletes. Competing against this caliber of athletes was an amazing experience, I ended up in first callouts and 7th overall. What I love about competing in this sport are all the inspiring people I get to meet and the friendships built. Thereís a genuine respect for all competitors, it truly is a great experience.

Future plans: I plan on competing in early spring 2017. All my training and dieting will be done with a goal in mind to improve my physique from my last show. I am always aiming to improve and to bring my very best. I am also a personal trainer, I love being able to work with my clients and help them reach their goals so Iím excited to be adding a few more new clients in my off season!

Stacie Gladwell
IFBB Pro/Certified Personal Trainer
Facebook: Stacie Nicholls Gladwell

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Stacie Gladwell

Stacie Gladwell, IFBB Figure Pro